Medieval Seder - Why is this night different from all other nights?

Hosted by Barony of Settmour Swamp - Milltown, NJ

Event date: May 5th, 2012

Event Last Modified: April 29th, 2012

Event details

Why is this night different from all other nights?

Come and learn how Amram the Gaon created the first complete haggadah for
Passover.  We will be using his ceremony as we take part in this educational
event:  a seder from northern France in c.  950.  Ask the four questions, partake
of the foods of a medieval seder, and decide for yourself whether it would be
enough for you.

The seder will be led by Dom.  Galefridus Peregrinus, with commentary and
explanation by Lady Judith bas Rabbi Mendel.  A delicious feast will be prepared
for us by Lady Charis Accipiter.  The food will be appropriate to the time, but
not strictly kosher. 

Because of SCA regulations, participants need to provide their own wine for the
ceremony, but we will supply sufficient unfermented grape juice for everyone. 
The restrictions of Passover cooking mean there will be limited options for
vegetarians and vegans.  The site does not permit open flames.  We ask that
everyone dress in some attempt at clothing from before the 17th century. 
(Contact the event steward if you need help with this request.)

Feast Menu:
Leafy bitter herb (probably dandelion)
Charosis (apples, walnuts, figs, pomegranates, horseradish, black radish,
ginger, cumin, pepper, grape juice/vinegar)
Medieval Matzah (flour, water)
Roasted Eggs
Roast Lamb
Chicken stewed in dates, figs and spices
Asparagus with lemon and garlic
Mushrooms in oil and cinnamon
Fruit Compote
Pletzlach (honey brittle)
Grape Juice

Site Opens: 4:30 PM
Site Closes: 9:00 PM

Event Location

Milltown American Legion
4 J. F. Kennedy Drive
Milltown, NJ  08850
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From Route 1 South:
Take exit for Milltown Rd.  S
Merge onto County Rd.  606/ Milltown Rd.
Turn left at Washington Ave.
Turn right at J.F.  Kennedy Drive
American Legion is on the right

From Route 1 North:
Turn slight right towards County Rd.  606/ N.  Main St.
Take the 2nd right onto County Rd.  606/ N.  Main St.
Turn left at Washington Ave.
Turn right at J.F.  Kennedy Drive
American Legion is on the right

From NJ Turnpike South:
Take Turnpike South to exit 9
Merge onto NJ-18 N/ County Rd.  527 N towards US-1/ New Brunswick
Merge onto US-1 S via the ramp to Trenton/ Princeton
Follow directions from Route 1 South above

From Route 287 South:
Take 287 South to exit 9
Take exit 9 for River Road towards Bound Brook/ Highland Park
Turn right at River Road
Turn right to merge onto NJ-18 S
Take the ramp onto US-1 S
Follow directions from US-1 S

Registration Fees

$18 per person, which includes the feast
Non-Member Surcharge:$5

Please submit reservations no later than Friday 4/27/2012

Make Checks Payable to: Barony of Settmour Swamp, SCA - NJ Inc

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Lady Judith bas Rabbi Mendel
mka Katie Mendelsohn
973) 402-1799

Send Reservations to:

Lady Judith bas Rabbi Mendel, mka Katie Mendelsohn
(973) 402-1799
3 Morris Place
Towaco, NJ 07082

SCA & Modern Name(s)
SCA Membership Number(s)
Street Address
Phone and/or email address

The names, modern and SCAdian of ALL members of your party, contact information (address and phone number) of the person making the reservation,and membership information (proof of membership or indicate that you are not a member) for each person.  Also please indicate which members of your party are minors and age.  Keep in mind that this event is a feast, and children will need to stay seated for a lengthy time.  A phone number would helpful if we need to get in contact with you, if there are any issues.

Incomplete reservations will be returned.

Refunds will be available for those who are unable to attend the event.  Please contact Lady Judith bas Rabbi Mendel *before* the event to request a refund form.  Refunds will be unavailable after the event.

Other Contact Information:

For questions about the feast or concerns about dietary needs,
Lady Charis Accipiter