River War II.V

TRM will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Iron Bog - Williamstown, NJ

Event date: October 14th, 2011 - October 16th, 2011

Event Last Modified: September 28th, 2011

Event details

The lines will be drawn in the river once again.  One land rumored to stretch further to the east.  The other land, just looking to keep the lands they have.  Though there might have been a minor rumor of wanting to stretch their lands further to the west.  What better way to put these rumors to rest but to have a minor war. 

Come choose a Barony to support.  Help the Excellencies to put these so-called rumors to rest.  Fighters, Fencers, Brewers, Cooks, Riders and A&S enthusiasts cordially invited to partake in this weekend full of fun and challenges. 

For full details of the activities that are in store for the weekend, please visit the website. 

A peek at what is in store for this multi-fun filled weekend:

Fighters/Fencers:  Friday night O'dark thirty torch light tourney-- Saturday:  9:30 the start of armor inspection followed a Bear pit tourneys,melees then another tourney- Fun starting 10 am.  For more details visit:  http://ironbog.eastkingdom.org/river-war-2-5/river-war-ll-v-use-heavy-weapons.html

Archers:  Saturday-Shoot till you can no longer pull your strings as you travel through this "spooky" type range course.  And if there is enough interest on Sunday the range will be open for royal rounds.

Thrown weapons:  Sharpen your knifes, axes and spears only to let them fly through the air aiming for the targets that will be set up.

A&S:  Whether you are a cook, brewer, a seamstress, scribe, gamer or just like showing off your work there will be something for you: 
Cooking contest for complete details visit:  http://ironbog.eastkingdom.org/river-war-2-5/river-war-ll-v-use-cooking-challenge.html

Brewing Contest for complete details visit:  http://ironbog.eastkingdom.org/river-war-2-5/river-war-ll-v-use-brewing.html

Golden Seamstress contest for complete details visit:

A&S display contest - Theme is anything WAR for complete details visit:http://ironbog.eastkingdom.org/river-war-2-5/river-war-ll-v-use-as.html

Scribal classes

Game Players:  The Amethyst Challenge:
Don't know how to play 'Nine Men's Morris'? Come learn, perhaps win a 27ct faceted Amethyst gemstone!  The challenge will begin with a half hour class on how to play Nine Men's Morris.  Once the class is done, up to twenty people who participated in the class will be selected to play in a three round "Round Robin" competition for points.  Each opposing piece you capture will be one point and, at the end of the three rounds, the person with the highest point total wins the gemstone!  That simple!  So come, play and enjoy.

Equestrian:  Gentles wishing to bring their four legged athletes the event must contact the Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge prior to the event.  Current Coggins test and, if horse is traveling from outside New Jersey, interstate health certificate must be produced before unloading the horse from the trailer.  There will be a challenging course to put both the ride and horse to the test along with a fashion procession. 

Youth:  The steward dares not forget the youth.  There will be both marshal activities and non-marshal activities.  If you would like to volunteer your time please contact the steward.

Merchants are more than welcome and also encouraged.  Please contact Lady Marion Ferch Llewellyn for information ladymarion2@excite.com.  Shhh-there may even room and time for a silent auction. 

Food:  Well, I do not know about you but hearing of all that is planned makes me wonder about the food!  Lady Katya Gordon has taken up the challenge to stave off any fainting spells caused by the hunger of those that dare play the weekend away.  There will be day-board and for those that say a little later into the evening-a feast will be served in a timely fashion after court. 

Site Opens: 10/14 4:00 pm
Site Closes: 10/16 3:00 pm

Event Location

Tall Pines Day Camp
1349 Sykesville Road
Williamstown, NJ  08094
Google Map


Take the Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 38-Williamstown.  Go South on Rt.  536 to Rt.  322.  "Geets Diner" will be on the right.  Turn left onto Rt.  322 East-Blackhorse Pike.  Go to 3rd light and make a right onto Corkery Lane.  "Wawa" will be on the right.  Cross over Blue Bell Road.  Go 1/8 mile to Sykesville Road.  Turn left onto Sykesville Road and follow it until it ends.

Take Rt.  676 south to Rt.  42.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.

Take A.C.  Expressway to Exit 38-Williamstown.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.

Take Main Road-Rt.  555 to Blue Bell Road.  Follow Blue Bell Road to Corkery Lane.  Turn left onto Corkery Lane, go 1/8 mile to Sykesville Road, and turn left onto Sykesville Road.

Follow Rt.  295 south to Rt.  42.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.  Or follow signs for Rt.  73 south through Berlin Circle.  After light at Jackson Road follow signs for Rt.  536 Spur (Williamstown/Glassboro) - Williamstown-New Freedom Road.  Follow Rt.  536 Spur to Rt.  322.  Make left onto Rt.  322 East (Blackhorse Pike) and follow directions from Philadelphia.

Registration Fees

Daytrip:  $14.00 (Adults 18+)$7.00 (Youths 10-17)

For those that wish to stay overnight (apply camping space) additional days please add $2.00 per day

example:(Friday-Sunday $18.00 (Adults 18+)$11(Youths 10-17)

A $5.00 Charge will be added for Non Member
These fees do not include feast on Saturday evening

$8.00 for feast
$5.00 for feast for youth ages 5-10
64 limited seating

For food allergies, requests or questions please contact Katya at katyagordon@aol.com

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-NJ, Inc.

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Lord Sterling De La Rosa
856 661 8087

Send Reservations to:

Norma Winter
C/O Lady Magdalena Winter
105 Jasmine Lane,
Williamstown,NJ 08094

Other Contact Information:

*** Attention Fighters and Fencers ***
Express MoL check-in:  Even if you are NOT pre-reg for the event, if you think you may be attending, please pre-check in for the MoL.  Please email your mundane name, SCA name, Authorization number and SCA membership number to:  mol@ironbog.eastkingdom.org
There will be no need to show your authorization and membership cards to the MoL at the event, just sign the waiver form. 

There are Hot shower available

Please no pets

Please remove your empty glass bottle

For those that are mobility challenged, the camp ground is fairly flat but very spacious; there is amble amount of walking.  There are paths for motorized scooters to move around.