Southern Region War Camp

TRM will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Carillion - Manalapan, NJ

Event date: April 29th, 2011 - May 1st, 2011

Event Last Modified: April 17th, 2011

Health Acknowledgement

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

Event details

Listen well and tremble, for it has come to be known that savage forces of the Midrealm have cast their covetous gazes upon Eastern riches.  Their nefarious plans of invasion and plunder uncovered, they now boldly assemble a ruthless army bent on despoiling not only the East but many of our dear neighbors as well.  These insults have not gone unnoticed, a great and legendary King and Queen have risen to stand as a mighty mountain against these ravaging hordes.  Lucan and Jana have reclaimed their birthrights to lead the East forward in this most dire time of need.  They call now for their subjects to begin the preparations and training that will allow the mighty Tiger of the East to prove victorious.

To this end the Barony of Carillion has stepped forward to answer the call and host the new Southern Region war camp.  Located less then 10 minuets from exit 8 on the NJ Turnpike, at the same boy scout camp at which spring crown of 2009 was held, there will be ample room for activities and camping.  We will be having a WOODS BATTLE!!!  As well as fields, bridges and a valley battle with siege and combat archery as it will occur at the war.  We will be having a variety of rapier activities to suit not only preparation for the war but the interest of the rapier community as well.  Archery shoots for all the war points including the clout will be available.  We will also be providing targets for the growing thrown weapons community, youth marshals will be running a youth tourney and melees, and we have tapped several very talented artisans to teach classes.

WOW!  so what must a cool event at a 100+ acre site cost?

-- 20$? HELL NO!
-- 15$? Not even.
-- 10$??? LOL Try again bud...
--%^$#? I'm confused this is an event right?

Yes and we bring it to you for only 6$ for members!!!!  Want to camp? Still the same price.  Want to merchant? Just pay the same price like everyone else.  Forget to prereg? No problems here, just pay 6$ at the door for members.  Merchants please contact the merchant autocrat to assure adequate space is reserved for you.

There will be Equestrian activities at this event!  In addition to a mounted martial challenge, we will be going on a trail ride to a beautiful meadow.  Equestrian camping and competition area will be near the heavy fighting field, so come over and see the horses and their riders pick up their swords and lances and determine who will win the day!  If you wish to bring your horse(s) to this event, please contact the equestrian marshal-in-charge prior to the event.  All horses attending the event must have a current Coggins test, and horses traveling from outside New Jersey must have a current 30-day interstate health certificate, per SCA Equestrian regulations.  Equine health paperwork can be transmitted to the marshal-in-charge in advance via fax or email, or produced at the event prior to unloading the horse from the trailer.  Sorry, no rental horses are currently available for this event.

Heavy Combat:(Saturday)
10AM Double elimination tourney
11:30AM Field battles (1 w/ Combat Archery&Siege)
12:45PM Res Woods Battle
2:00PM Bridge battles (1 w/ Combat Archery&Siege)
3:00PM Res Valley/Mountain pass battle (w/ Combat Archery&Siege)
4:00PM Unbelted field Melee

Did we mention classes:

Track 1
11-12 16th Century English Monochrome Embroidery- aka Blackwork By Lady Amy Webbe
12-1 Embroidery Basics for Beginners By Mistress Vienna de la Mer
1-2 Introduction to Applique By Lady Elizabet Marshall
2-3 Introduction to Fingerloop Braids By Lady Elizabet Marshall
3-4 Athena's Thimble panel/meeting By Mistress Cellach ingen Chernaig

Track 2
11-12 Foods for Medieval Ashkenazic Seders By Lady Katherine de Staverton
12-1 Period Gum Paste and Sugar Sculpting By THL Alesone Gray of Cranlegh
1-3 Butter making By John Marshall atte Forde
2-3 Easy Cheese By John Marshall atte Forde
3-4 Mead 101 By Mistress Jehannine de Flandres

Track 3
11-12 Medieval Mail Armor - History and Hands-on By Brigit inghean ui Dhomhnaill
12-1 Overview of Hoods of the 14th Century By Mistress Muriel de Chimay
1-3 Gothic fitted Gowns By Lady Alison Wodehalle
3-4 14th C.  False Hair Pieces By Baroness Katrina MacCaulich

Track 4
11-12 Two decorative seams treatments for a Viking Clothing By Thorlaeifr Hviskegg
12-1 Beginners Drop Spindle By Lady Meadhbh Bean Mhic Brabaigh
1-2 Embellished Book Covers By Baroness Cateline la Broderesse
2-3 Introduction to Whitework Embroidery By Catarina Giaocchini
3-4 Back Stage Pass to the Globe By Master Lorcan Dracontius

Track 5 - Outside track
11-12 Middle Eastern and North African Cookware By Galefridus Peregrinus
12-1 Middle Eastern Cooking By Galefridus Peregrinus
1-4 Making Metal Bowls By Muin meqq Minain

The site is dry.  If you have any site related questions please contact the site autocrat.  Also to assure low costs to everyone no day board will be provided, the boy scouts will be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers as well as selling soft drinks as a fundraiser to help support their activities.  No feast is planned, there are a wide variety of restaurants within 10 minuets drive of the site.  Local dining and shopping information will be provided at the troll.

This event is the beginning of a long running endeavor to hold southern region war camp in an accessible central location and away from the other major regional war camps.  In 2012 and beyond we will be targeting the first two weeks of June.  This year due to a variety of schedule conflicts we were forced to hold the event earlier than preferred, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone assisting in the success of this new war camp.  We will return better than ever in 2012 and the kingdom will have an extremely strong but not overwhelming war camp schedule going forward.

Camping Rules:
Camp in designated camp sites.  Use existing fire pits or portable fire pits supplied by the camp.  No ground fires outside of an approved fire pit.  All fires must be attended and have properly filled fire buckets near the fire pit.  Firewood will be available, no cutting of live trees.  Motor vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.  If you have special needs please contact the site autocrat.

No pets are allowed.  Service animals are permitted, please contact the autocrat in advance.

Take advantage of our Express Check-in Process!

Supply the following information to Baroness Katrina MacAulish and receive a confirmation letter (email or snail mail) to use at check-in that will eliminate your waiting time!

1) Supply copy of membership card(s) and get the 5$ discount off of the $11 fee or pay full $11 site fee if you are a non-member.  Supply all the information for everyone in your party.  Copy of membership card, SCA Name, Mundane Name, Adult or minor. 
2) Email Address or SASE and Full Contact info.
3) Total fees for your party payable to “Barony of Carillion, SCA Inc.”.  See event fee schedule.
4) Indicate if you are camping and the space required.
5) Completed minor waiver(s).

Your reservation must be received by April 15th to take advantage of the express check in service.

Site Opens: Noon on Friday
Site Closes: 3PM Sunday

Event Location

Quail Hill Scout Reservation
56 LaValley Dr
Manalapan, NJ  07726
Google Map


From the North and South find your best route to the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate-95 a toll will apply).  Take exit #8 (Hightstown/Freehold) Route 33 – bear right onto Route 33 East for 6.2 miles.  Make a left turn using the jug handle to cross over Route 33 onto County Route 527A for .04 miles.  Turn right onto LaValley Drive. 

From the East, find your best route to Route 33 Westbound.  Turn right on Route 527A North after the Mobil station (sign posted on traffic light at intersection says 527/Iron Ore Road) for .04 miles.  Turn right on to LaValley Drive. 

Quail Hill signs are posted.

Registration Fees

Adults and Children $11 for non-members Discounted to $6 for members
Adult and Children camping fee $0
Children under 8 years of age free
Children under 8 years of age camping fee $1

Express Check-in form available!

No Feast or Day board are planned.  Food vendors will be on site for your needs.

Make Checks Payable to: Barony of Carillion, SCA INC

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Duke Konrad Der Lowe Von Ulm

Master Rupert the Unbalanced

Send Reservations to:

Baroness Katrina MacAulish
410 S.  Fairview St.
Riverside NJ 08075
609-238-4648 before 9PM please

Express Check-in form available.
Please email the Autocrat for a copy of the form.
Link to download the form will be available soon. 

Other Contact Information:

Merchant Autocrat and Site Autocrat:
Lord Aaron the Arrowsmith
(S,S any time M,T,W,T,F after 5 PM before 11 PM

Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge:
Baroness Doucette de Verdun
mka Bethany Oesting or
Fax:  206-600-3146
Phone:  610-792-9232 (no calls after 9pm please)

Camping Autocrat:
- TBD -