(It Takes my Child to) Raze a Village **UPDATED**

Hosted by Canton of Black Icorndall - East Fairmount Park, PA

Event date: September 19th, 2009

Event Last Modified: July 15th, 2009

Event details

This is an event focused on children AND adults enjoying the SCA together.

Activities, games and classes:
Some of the days activities include an SCA scavenger hunt, Herald Says, catapult assaults, kid's court and heraldic cookies.

A&S competition: 
All ages are encouraged to participate in an A&S competition.  Entries will be broken into age groups (child, youth, teen, adult, and group).  Competition is a bean count, populace vote.

Baronette's Tea: 
Please join Their Excellencies - Baron Darmon, Baroness Sabine, and Mina - for an afternoon tea.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the local aristocracy in an informal setting.  The food for this tea will be prepared and served by the Kid's Kitchen Crew.

Kid's Kitchen Crew:
Lady Alesone invites all cooks 18 and under to come work in the kitchen to help prepare the Baronette's tea.  There will be grapes to pick, cupcakes to frost, sandwiches to make and much fun to be had.

Youth combat tournament:
There will be a youth combat tournament.  For authorizations contact Marshals on site.

Lady Jane will be teaching dancing.  Branles & galliards, and fun for all.

Other activities:
Mom to Mom Garb Swap
Bring garb that does not fit your child to swap with other moms.  Please bring clean garb you would let your child wear.

My Child Wants to Fight...Now What ?
Instruction on necessary equipment, rules & regulations, practice times & locations, etc.

My parent can beat up your parent:
Rapier and heavy tournaments

Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 5pm

Event Location

Gustin Recreational Center
4863 Ridge Ave
East Fairmount Park, PA  19129
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From Philadelphia: 
Take 76 West to exit 340A for Kelly Drive/Ridge Avenue.  ****Going across the bridge, immediately get in the leftmost lane, and take the leftmost exit at the end of the bridge to Ridge Ave/Kelly Drive.  This will turn 270 degrees and merge with Kelly Drive – stay left and exit again immediately on the left for Ridge Avenue.  At the T-intersection with Ridge, turn left (beware:  no light or stop sign for cross-traffic).  Go about 1/10 mile, passing Ali-Baba limo on the right.  Gustin Recreational Center will be on the left immediately before the bridge that goes over Ridge Ave.

From Valley Forge: 
Take 76 East to left-side exit 340A (Lincoln Dr/Kelly Drive).  Follow directions above from **** above.

From Delaware County and Delaware: 
Take Route 1 North.  When you reach 76, keep going straight to cross the bridge.  Follow directions from **** above.

Registration Fees

Donations gladly accepted.

There is no feast for this event; there will be a potluck dayboard, please see below.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., Canton of Dubh Feorag

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Sayidati (Lady) Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid al-Bhakailia (as above)

Send Reservations to:

Sayidati (Lady) Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid al-Bhakailia webminister@feoragdubh.eastkingdom.org
mka Penni Bacheler
610-565-6661 no calls after 9pm

Other Contact Information:

Sayidati (Lady) Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid al-Bhakailia (as above)

There is no feast for this event, but a pot luck lunch will take place.  Lady Alesone will be coordinating dishes.  Please send an email to wendy dot marques at yahoo dot com with what you may be bringing.

For the Baronette's Tea, if your child has special food needs or allergies, contact Lady Alesone (wendy dot marques at yahoo dot com) so that she may plan the menu accordingly.