East Kingdom Officer Term Limits

East Kingdom Greater Officer Term Limits

RoleWarrant StartWarrant EndTerm Count
East Kingdom SeneschalApr-22Apr-24First
Brigantia Principal HeraldDec-20Dec-22First
Kingdom Earl MarshalFeb-22Feb-25First
East Kingdom Chancellor of the ExchequerNov-19Nov-22Second
Kingdom ChroniclerApr-22Apr-24First
Kingdom A&S MinisterFeb-21Feb-23First
East Kingdom Minister of the ListsFeb-19Feb-23Third
Tyger Clerk of the SignetJan-21Jan-23First
Kingdom ChatelaineApr-22Apr-24First
Kingdom Chancellor of MinorsApr-22Apr-24First
Webminister of the East KingdomOct-19Oct-23Third

East Kingdom Lesser Officer Term Limits

RoleWarrant StartWarrant EndTerm Count
Kingdom Captain General of ArchersApr-22Apr-24First
Kingdom Marshal of FenceMar-22Mar-24First
Kingdom Equestrian OfficerJan-18Jan-22Third
Kingdom Accessibility PorterJul-19Jul-23Third
Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth CombatAug-20Aug-22First
Deputy Earl Marshal Thrown WeaponsMar-19Mar-23Third
Kingdom Social Media OfficerNov-19Nov-21First
Marshal Of Armored CombatMar-21Mar-23First
East Kingdom Pennsic StewardAug-22
Kingdom ArchivistOct-19Oct-23
Kingdom ChamberlainJan-22Jan-24
Kingdom Waiver SecretaryFeb-19Feb-23
Kingdom HistorianMar-21Mar-23

Per East Kingdom Law section IV.D. Terms of Office and Review of Kingdom Officers:

  1. No Kingdom Officer may remain in the same Office for more than four consecutive years, except for the following dispositions.
    1. A first term of Office is defined as two years. Subsequent terms are for one year.
    2. The term of Office for the Earl Marshal will be one two-year term, followed by another possible two-year term.
    3. The Lesser Kingdom Offices of Historian, Archivist, Waiver Secretary and the Administrators of the Polling Order E-Mail Lists have a term of two (2) years with unlimited re-appointments