September 13, 2023 — East Kingdom Crown Tournament Format for Matthias and Æsa feilinn

Along with choosing their heirs, Matthias and Æsa feilinn are looking for combatants to display their weapons depth and stamina, as well as showcase some alternate forms without being overly complicated.

General Rules

Refight all doubles to a clean result. Discuss and come to an agreement on results before leaving the lists. Announce the results to the assembled populace.

Round Robin Pools

Pools of two-handed weapons only, such as greatsword, polearm, and spears. Combatants will fight everyone else in their pool. Weapon forms do not have to match and combatants can mix/match between fights as desired.

Number of Pools: Assume the standard four pools with 10-12 fighters per pool. Crown tourney could bump to 8 pools if there are 50+ entrants. Top 4 (or 2 if 8 polls) advance to Sweet 16.

Elimination Bracket

Sweet 16. Double elimination. Bring your best. Single pass.

Semifinals. First to two wins. Combatants that advance from the Winner’s bracket start off with a 1-0 record and have to win just a single pass; combatants from the Wounded bracket start with an 0-1 record have to win two passes.

[Example: Fighter A from the Winner’s bracket starts off at 1-0; Fighter B coming from the Wounded bracket starts at 0-1. If Fighter A wins the first pass, they’re 2-0 and move to the finals. If Fighter B wins the first pass, it becomes tied at 1-1 and the fighter who wins the next pass moves on to the finals.]

Rotating, matched weapons forms. Combatant from the Wounded bracket picks the first form.


Best 4 out of 7. All previous losses are forgiven.

1st Pass. Consort’s choice of weapons
2nd Pass. Sovereign’s choice of weapons
3rd – 7th Passes. Rotating, matched weapons form. Combatants can only pick a weapons form once but either combatant may select a weapons form chosen by the Consort or Sovereign. Combatant with two losses (0-2) picks the first weapon form for the third pass; if the score is tied (1-1), the combatant with the lowest OP picks first, then alternates each round.

👑 Crown Tourney is scheduled for November 4th in the Barony of Carolingia.

📜 Letters of Intent are due to Their Highnesses by September 30th