September 13, 2021 — Kingdom Earl Marshal Applications

Greetings to the populace of the mighty East Kingdom,

The time has come to appoint a new Kingdom Earl Marshal. We also seek potential candidates for the following martial Lesser Officers: Kingdom Captain-General of Archers, Kingdom Marshal of Rapier, Kingdom Marshal of Thrown Weapons, and Kingdom Marshal of Armored Combat. We are considering extending the terms of some of the currently-serving Lesser Officers, but We are also interested in having new and/or additional people involved in these positions. Descriptions for each position as detailed in East Kingdom Law are below.

We thank Duke Sir Vissevald Selkirksson, Baron Colin Ursell, Magistra Lilias de Cheryngton, Baroness Eadgyth aet Staeningum, OP, and Sir Cedric of Armorica for their service, especially throughout the challenges of the pandemic. The East’s archery, rapier, thrown weapons, and armored combat communities owe much to your leadership.

We seek candidates from all regions of the Kingdom. Interested members of the populace should send Us an email ( stating their interest in a specific position and describing their Kingdom martial background and overall service experience. All candidates must also cc the Kingdom Earl Marshal (

Letters of interest are due by October 13, 2021, and We will be talking with candidates shortly after.

In service to the Dream,
Ioannes II and Ro Honig II, Emperor and Empress of the East