October 12, 2021 — Tips For A Smoother Implementation of COVIDSafe Policy

October 12, 2021

Good morning, East Kingdom populace,

Today, the East Kingdom is implementing the COVIDSafe Proof of Fully Vaccinated Status or Negative COVID Test Policy, as approved by the Board of Directors. There’s also an FAQ that is updated regularly.

Here’s how you can help make this transition go smoothly, as the folks who run practices, meetings, and events in the northern, central, and southern regions are putting new procedures into place. Tir Mara’s provincial governments have stricter requirements which supersede Society policy.

  • Be a volunteer: All meetings, practices, and staff are going to need one or more people, depending on the size of the gathering, to check vaccination cards/negative COVID test results. Volunteer some time to help gate be fully staffed.
  • Be early: Everyone — attendees and staff — must have their vaccination/negative test results status checked before they can enter the site. This means that anyone wishing to drop off gear first will still need to have their status checked before continuing to the field. Expect that there may be delays and leave extra time.
  • Be prepared: Have your government-issued ID and your vaccination card or negative test results ready to show BEFORE you walk towards gate. Stopping to get these out at gate will create a bottleneck.
    • Many sites have poor wifi connection or cell service. Have a photo or a copy of your vaccination card/negative test results stored locally on your phone.
    • Physical vaccination cards, laminated photocopies of your card, photos of your card on your phone, various apps are all acceptable.
    • Negative COVID test results must be for a medically-supervised test administered within 72 hours of the start of the event. Self-administered nasal swab kits done at home are not permissible test results. Plan ahead, and review page 5 of the FAQ for what constitutes acceptable negative test results.
  • Be patient, courteous, and kind: Everyone is doing their best to implement this policy. If you disagree with the policy and its implementation, email the Kingdom Seneschal (seneschal@eastkingdom.org), but do not hassle event staff.
    • As the Board policy states; “In addition to the normal sanctions process, anyone challenging event staff regarding the enforcement of this COVID policy shall be denied entry to or be immediately removed from the event.”

Thank you for your support and assistance as we take this next step in the return to the activities we love.

In service to the Kingdom,

Ioannes II and Ro Honig II, Emperor and Empress
Medhbh, Kingdom Seneschal