November 8, 2020 – Latest Combat Practice Guidelines

A message from Consules Tindal and Alberic, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Kingdom Earl Marshal:

As positive cases of COVID infection rise in certain areas of the Kingdom, we urge the populace to remain vigilant and to follow all federal, state, and local public health directives concerning gathering in groups. The general Kingdom guidance for small gatherings has not changed, and can be found on the East Kingdom Seneschal’s webpage at

The Kingdom Earl Marshal adds this update to the martial practice policy:

After a fair amount of thought, and some consultation with my deputies, I’ve decided to loosen a restriction on fighting practices – they can now be indoors in areas that allow indoor sports practices. You still have to go through the normal approval process to get started.
As a guide, if an area allows non-contact sports indoors, you can have a non-contact practice. If they allow a contact sport, you can have sparring.
So the current rule now reads as:
“All martial practices must be approved by the deputy marshal in charge of the appropriate discipline, with the aid of their regional deputies. If you wish to hold an official practice, start by contacting your regional marshal for that art, and they’ll guide you through the process of getting approved. You’ll have to show that the activity falls under the guidelines of permissible gatherings at your location, and that you’re prepared to follow all governmental rules along with the East Kingdom rules on activities. Furthermore, the Marshal-In-Charge of the practice is responsible for vigorously enforcing the rules, and therefore must have a good working knowledge of the various requirements.
Finally, each individual martial discipline may institute additional rules to cover the unique nature of their circumstances, as they see fit.”