May 30, 2023 — Applicants Wanted: Kingdom Webminister

To the populace of the East Kingdom and to all who see these letters:

As we set upon the brink of the summer knowing that soon War will come and thereafter the Coronation of the Heirs, so too is my time in office coming to an end. I stepped up as your Kingdom Webminister on October 5, 2019, and my time in this office will end at Fall Coronation.

I will have many thoughts about this most amazing time in my SCA career for another day, but as my time in office is ending, we are seeking applicants for the job of Kingdom Webminister for the East.

Per EK Law:

The Kingdom Webminister:

  • Is responsible for maintaining a recognized website for the Kingdom in accordance with the policies of the Society Webminister and Kingdom Webminister.
  • Supervises all recognized websites within the Kingdom, including those which may be maintained by other Kingdom Officers.
  • Is responsible for maintaining appropriate information technology infrastructure to meet the needs of the East Kingdom and its Branches.
  • Assists any Kingdom Officers who may wish to do so in adding material relating to their office to the East Kingdom website or creating their own website, which may be accessed via the East Kingdom website.
  • Coordinates with the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Chronicler to ensure that an up-to-date copy of East Kingdom Law is available via the East Kingdom website.

In addition, the ideal candidate for the position will have excellent people skills, delegation skills, and be available to communicate and coordinate with an excellent and passionate team. This is not a job where you need to be a micromanager, but rather be an ideas person and have an idea how to get the right people for the job and trust those people.

You will get the opportunity to work with other Kingdom officers through the Known World and shape communications policies on an ongoing basis.

The dad jokes are optional, but they help.

If you would like to formally apply, please send an SCA resume with relevant experience and technical skills to:

The Kingdom Webminister (
The Kingdom Seneschal (
Their Majesties (
Their Highnesses (

You can also just email me ( if you have any questions about the position. I’d be happy to talk to you.

I remain,

Yours in Service,

Freiherr Matthias von Würzburg, OP
Webminister, Kingdom of the East