May 24 – Online Awards Announcement

My Dearest East,  

Their Royal Highnesses and I continue to work behind the scenes, helping to create a new way to play this game we love. At this point in time, there are many people in the Kingdom with a range of wants, needs and ability to participate. As We work together, with many different teams, to address the different needs of Our communities and balance them for all people, We ask for your patience.

Today in court, We announced that We will be giving out armigerous and grant level awards during Ethereal Courts starting next month. The decision about whether to receive an award during an Ethereal Court will be up to the individual; people can choose to “opt in” or “opt out” based on whether receiving an award in this way is right for them.TRHs and I have received many polite and passionate letters on both sides of this topic. We know that many people have strong feelings about this subject, and We appreciate that enthusiasm for this part of the game. That said, please be respectful of all people and the choices they make for themselves on this matter. To some, the award itself is what is important as it acknowledges their hard work. For others, what matters most is that moment in court where they are called forward, surrounded by loved ones and the energy that it brings.  

We ask that the people of the East continue to shine as examples of inclusion, tolerance and love as people make the choice that fits their own vision of Our game. One of the best parts of the SCA is the design that allows people to play in a way that is meaningful to them. We are all in different places in our lives and in our responses to the current happenings in the world, and it is only fitting that we treat our approach to the game in the same way.

We all must choose what is best for us, personally, and respect the decisions that other people make. Please continue to be kind and courteous with one another, and We will get through this together and be stronger. Remember: Many stripes, One Tyger.

In service to the East and all her people,

Margarita, Queen of the East
TRHs Tindal and Alberic, Princes of Tir Mara