May 23, 2022 – Kingdom Event Bid Requests

Greetings Tyger Populace!

With hopes to get our Kingdom events back on their proper cycles per East Kingdom Law, we are calling for bids for various events. Please hang in there, because this post is fairly lengthy.

There is some important information regarding the current Kingdom Bid Process you should know.  (EK Law Section VIII.A)

> The current bid form can be located here:

Or in Excel format:

Of note, we will be updating this form in the next month or two, but any bids for the events below will not be rejected based on the version of the form used.

> The bid should pass through your local group’s event process before being sent to the Kingdom for review.

> The Bid Form must be submitted to the following people:

Kingdom Seneschal:
Kingdom Event Clerk:
Kingdom Exchequer:
Their Majesties:
Their Highnesses:

> Once bid packages are submitted, The Royals review them for their preferred bid which is then submitted to the Kingdom Exchequer’s Council.  The more bids the Royals have, the better for the Kingdom as a whole.  (A future post will discuss what a good bid package looks like.) 

> After the bid package is submitted, it is reviewed by the Kingdom Exchequer’s Council for any concerns.  The Kingdom Event Clerk is responsible for communicating with the proposed Event Steward regarding any changes needed to clear the Exchequer’s Council. 

> Once the Exchequer’s Council signs off on a bid, The Royals reaffirm the bid is the one they want.  A bid cannot be affirmed by The Royals which does not pass the Exchequer’s Council. The Kingdom Event Clerk then notifies the selected bid that they have been chosen and also notifies those bids not selected.

We are seeking Bid Packages for the events listed below.  I have included some important information regarding some of them (such as preferred dates, or required region).  The due dates for the bids do not align with EK Law.  We have been granted a variance to allow for an extended bid time, given the current event season ramping up quickly.

Fall Coronation – due July 1, 2022

The preferred date requested by Their Highnesses is October 1, 2022.  The backup date, per EK Law, is September 24, 2022.

Fall Crown Tournament – Northern Region – due July 31, 2022

The rotation for Fall Crown Tournament is the Northern Region.  The preferred date is November 5, 2022 with the backup date of November 12, 2022.  Of particular note, the victors of this Crown Tournament will be the seated Crown for Pennsic 50.  We anticipate the pool of entrants to be large.  Please consider this in your event bid planning.

> Either (or both) Coronation or Crown Tournament should include Youth Champions in its Bid Package.

EK Twelfth Night – due August 31, 2022

Per EK Law, the date of this should be the first or second Saturday after January 1, 2023.

These Champions events are held during the Winter reign, and will put the Kingdom back on the proper Champions cycles.  It is vital you discuss event bids for Champions with the current Champions to ensure they are available for the date and location you are submitting. 

Crown’s Rapier Championships – due July 31, 2022

Crown’s Bardic Championships – due July 31, 2022

Crown’s Arts & Sciences Championships – due July 31, 2022

As always if you have any questions, please reach out to me at

In Service,
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal