May 13, 2022 – Champions Events Communication

Greetings to the Tyger Populace,

The Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal ask for the populace’s grace and courtesy as we work through a backlog of necessary Champions Events.  Decisions are rarely, if ever, made lightly at the Kingdom level. Many hands are involved, from the hosting group, the Event Clerk, the Kingdom Exchequer’s Counsel, Kingdom Seneschal, and the Royals. 

We have heard through various mediums, there is some concern about the East Kingdom Rapier Champions event being held during Beltaines in Havre des Glaces.  We understand that timing for Rapier Champs is less than ideal, given the need to cross the border.  With that said, we are thrilled that Tir Mara will be able to host a Champions event and look forward to seeing what they do.  
With all of the rapid changes due to the nature of the ongoing pandemic, along with various transitions in the Kingdom, it has been difficult to keep on top of the communication. We have been scrambling to ensure all of the Champions turn over in a timely manner, for those who have held their respective roles for the better part of 2 years, if not longer.  We acknowledge and apologize for the lack of more clear communication in these matters.

Rest assured, your concerns are not going unheard.  I, as Kingdom Seneschal, wish to convey the following plan regarding Kingdom events in the future:

1) The request for bids for events will go out in a timely manner, along with preferred dates.
2) The status of bids and their progress will be communicated consistently with the groups seeking to host events.
3) The announcement for the location of a selected Kingdom event, once communicated to all who submitted bids, will come from the Office of the Kingdom Seneschal and be spread widely. 
4) Expect a redesign of the Kingdom Event Bid process to better facilitate communication. This will include ensuring current Champions be consulted on all potential Champions’ Event bids.

With all of this said, please know we will be returning to our regular schedule of events as outlined in EK Law (Section VIII. A).  A separate post will be made in the next week or two to communicate this request.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me directly at

In Service,
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal