March 10th, 2022 – Interregnum Conversation Postponed

Good afternoon to the populace of the East Kingdom,

As you might recall, Their Majesties had intended to have the first of many conversations about how to handle an Interregnum in the future, should the Kingdom find itself in the dire circumstance of an empty throne with neither Crown or Heirs. The pandemic has illustrated that the current provision of EK Law, that the Seneschal hold a Crown Tournament “as soon as possible,” is insufficient if “as soon as possible” is actually an unknown length of time. Because the earlier parts of the Curia agenda ran longer than anticipated, we were unable to launch the conversation.

Since then, we have been trying to work around scheduling conflicts for the various parties involved in hosting this conversation, including the Crown, the Heirs, staff in both the Seneschal’s and Webminister’s offices, and additional folks who volunteered to help facilitate discussion.

We have also learned that the original announcements about the Interregnum conversation were not as widely distributed as we had anticipated. Many of the populace have not yet formulated their thoughts to share with the Crown and Heirs.

In order to hear from as many populace voices as possible, we have decided to schedule this important conversation for later in the year. We pledge to better advertise the scheduled date and starting discussion points so that we have a robust exchange of views.

Please continue to share your ideas via email at ( For a review of the initial ideas, please visit the Kingdom Seneschal webpage, Curia section (

Thank you.

In service,
Medhbh, Kingdom Seneschal
Audrye Beneyt, Incoming Kingdom Seneschal
Ioannes and Honig, Emperor and Empress
Ryouko’jin and Indrakshi, Heirs to the Tyger Throne