June 24, 2020 – Royal Announcement

Greetings to the populace of the East Kingdom,

In this time when members are expressing the urgent political matters of their daily lives more widely within the Society, We wish to address several related concerns which have been brought to Us recently.

We remind everyone that Our message is not about political views. The diversity of the Society includes a broad range of political beliefs and opinions. At this time We understand that many matters of concern flood our news and social media feeds across the Kingdom. However, We will uphold the standards of the Society with integrity and consistency.

Therefore, We would make it known that We completely reject the violence and malice of Sir Sichel’s June 21st post on Facebook. Wishing pain and death on those whose views differ from your own goes directly against the ideals that Our Society is founded on. While We are aware that this message was taken down within a short time of posting it, its hurtful language betrays Our core values and has spread hurt and anger throughout the lands. This type of hate-filled action is completely unacceptable and unbecoming of any member of the populace, let alone a Peer of the Realm.

We are hopeful that Our words will allow Sir Sichel the chance to grow, and caution us all. We continue to urge the populace to keep courtesy, trustworthiness, and personal responsibility at the forefront of their behavior and communication. The stress of these difficult times continues to plague us all. Please remember that together is the only way we will get through this, and together we will be stronger. 

In service to the ideals that Our society holds dear,

Margarita, Queen of the East Kingdom
Tindal & Alberic, Princes of Tir Mara