Updates on Event Assistance for Local Branches

Unto all branches of Our dearest East Kingdom,

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Our recent decision, driven by the CDC’s recommendations, to cancel all activities through at least the end of April, the East Kingdom is setting aside a fund, currently of $20,000, to cover the unrefunded site costs of any cancelled event or activity, from March 10, 2020 onward.

We do not want branches to be risking insolvency due to circumstances entirely outside of their control. When this situation passes We can get back to the activities and the organization that We all love.

In order to request reimbursement the Branch Seneschal or Exchequer
should submit the relevant site contract and the amount paid to the site due to the cancellation to the Kingdom Exchequer and the Kingdom Seneschal.

Margarita Queen of the East
TRH Alberic and Tindal
Medbh East Kingdom Seneschal
Mikjall East Kingdom Exchequer

Good day, East, from Mikjáll, Kingdom Exchequer,

Following the guidance from the Board of Directors regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) at SCA events and activities, and following the Kingdom of AEthelmearc’s example, I wanted to announce a new Kingdom initiative:

The East Kingdom is offering, to any of our branches, financial assistance to obtain supplies to clean, sanitize, and otherwise take action to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at SCA events and activities. Items such as soap, gloves, hand sanitizer, tissues, paper towels, disposable wipes, cleaners, etc., are all eligible for reimbursement.

Reimbursement is available for purchases for events starting February 27th through the end of 2020.

To have your items reimbursed, the Branch Seneschal or Exchequer should submit the relevant receipts, along with brief information regarding the SCA event or activity the supplies are for, to the Kingdom Exchequer and Seneschal Offices (exchequer@eastkingdom.org & seneschal@eastkingdom.org).

Should you have any questions or additional concerns regarding financial assistance for supplies, please contact me directly at exchequer@eastkingdom.org

Prepare, Don’t Panic, & Wash Your Hands.

In Service,