I, Queen Margarita de Siena, invite and remind you to join me as I continue to travel throughout the prosperous lands of the East and Tir Mara. Meet the generous populace of this Kingdom as they open their arms and invite us all to visit. Share time with artisans you have never met and trade knowledge. Come out of your pond and test your mettle against new friends. Join in the dancing, laughter and songs that are sure to populate the air! If these things are not enough to entice you, how about earning some Campaign pay?

Campaign Pay

  • 1-3 RP events during the Reign: Safe Passage Book and Special Event Stickers
  • 4-7 events: Token
  • 8-12 events: Challenge Coin
  • 13 or more events: Purple and Gold Hood

I know that many of you are already enjoying this journey of sharing, learning and fun.  This Campaign will continue until the end of my reign, with the last event being Mudthaw. I would ask those of you participating to start looking at your booklets and counting stickers.

If you would like to drop off your booklet to the Royal Room at the last RP event you will be attending during the reign, please make sure your fill out the back page with contact information so your prizes can be delivered and your booklet returned to you.

In Service to the East and the Dream,
Queen of the East