August 17, 2021 – Clarification About Kingdom Masking Policy

Good afternoon, Populace of the East,

I’ve received questions lately about the August 6th announcement that people will need to wear masks at all in-person Kingdom gatherings, indoors or outdoors, of any size or type. Individuals may lower their masks briefly while eating or drinking, and armored combattants and rapier fighters do not need to wear a mask under their helm while actively fighting.

There is no change to these requirements, but a few clarifications:

A plague doctor mask is not effective unless an additional cloth mask is worn underneath it.

  • Musicians who play wind or brass instruments may use a special mask with a split in it for the mouthpiece and a covering over the open end of the instrument. Bardic performers need to wear masks. We are not granting exemptions to the mask policy at this time.

Thank you for your assistance as the Kingdom carefully returns to fall events, practices, and meetings.

In service,