April 11 – East Kingdom Tokens of Inspiration

My Dearest East,
In this time of physical separation, you have pulled together to help one another in many ways. You have helped friends and family shop when they couldn’t. You have made masks not only for yourselves, but for people working on the front lines. You have worked on projects, taught classes, and shared songs and stories online. Most importantly, you have had the strength of the Tyger to put one foot in front of the other everyday. We are proud of each and everyone of you!

Watching this happen has been an inspiration to Us. As we continue coming together virtually, TRH and I, with your help, would like to recognize the efforts of those who inspire Us all, so we ask: who inspires you? This Inspiration Initiative will help Us give word-fame to those who deserve it, and help Us build upcoming court dockets. Please share the stories of some of the people and things that have inspired you by completing the Google form below.

East Kingdom Tokens of Inspiration

Thank you for helping Us share the inspiration. We look forward to hearing from you all!

Margarita, Queen of the East
TRH Tindal and Alberic