Announcement About Coronation and Crown Tourney

Good afternoon, East Kingdom,

Unto Our Dearest East Kingdom Populace!

With careful consideration, and while working within the current advice from the CDC and state agencies, We would like to announce updated plans for several upcoming events:

  • Coronation, originally scheduled for April 4th, is postponed
  • Crown Tournament, originally scheduled for May 2nd, is postponed

We will be combining these events as part of War of the Roses, scheduled for the 3-day weekend of May 21-25. The Barony of Concordia of the Snows will be hosting this grand celebration of the East Kingdom.

The following things will be included in this Eastern Celebration:

  • Her Majesty Margarita’s Last Court, including many of the items previously scheduled for the Mudthaw docket
  • Coronation of Tindall and Alberic
  • War of the Roses activities
  • Youth Championships
  • Teen Party planned by and for Teens
  • Crown Tournament
  • Celebration of Togetherness and S’mores

We look forward to this historic celebration of the East’s future! A full schedule will be posted once We have a chance to work out the details.

We realize that Tir Mara was scheduled to host the upcoming Crown Tournament. So that the region does not lose their chance to host Crown Tournament entirely, Fall Crown Tournament will be held in Tir Mara.

We know the East is strongest when We stand together. However, We are also mindful of the CDC’s strong caution against convening in groups larger than 10, and would like to remind the populace to adhere to state restrictions and exercise caution. Though physically apart, we still stand united as a Kingdom.

Please take good care of yourselves and your community, use the Webministry’s resources when you are able to, and We look forward to seeing you soon. Remember to be kind to one another.

In health and hope,
Margarita, Queen of the East Kingdom
Tindal and Alberic, Princes of the East Kingdom
Medhbh, Kingdom Seneschal