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Events Calendar
It is now possible for the populace to import the East Kingdom Events Calendar in to their calendar of choice. We have tested the process in Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (iCal), and Microsoft Outlook. Instructions for each are below. If you have problems with any of these, or are trying to do the same with another calendar and are having difficulties, please feel free to contact calendar@eastkingdom.org with your questions.
Google Calendar
Having signed in to your Google Calendar, find "Other calendars" in the left column. There is a tiny down arrow in a box to the right of "Other calendars" which pulls down a menu. Select "Add by URL". In the popup that appears, put:
then click "Add Calendar".
Apple Calendar
From the File menu choose "New Calendar Subscription" and enter:
and click "Subscribe". You can set the name to something more useful than "Untitled" if you wish, and choose to store it in either the iCloud or on your local computer, select how often it should auto-refresh for new contents, then click "OK". For some reason I have found that I might have to unselect the calendar in the listing on the left, then re-select it just to get the entries to appear.
Microsoft Outlook
Within Outlook (I'm using 2013) having selected the Calendar tab at the bottom, right-click on "Other Calendars", select "Add Calendar" from that menu and then "From Internet" from the sub-menu. In the popup box that appears, put:
Click "Yes" on the final popup and you're good to go.
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