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Event Details
Academy of St. Clare of Assisi: Keeping You in Stitches! Event date: March 29th, 2019 - March 31st, 2019
Hosted by Kingdom of Æthelmarc - Millmont, PA
Event Last Modified: September 17th, 2018
Event details
Bored with a wardrobe filled with plain-Jane gowns? Transform one of those ho-hum garments with a bit of embroidery, and you now have a one-of-a-kind garment that others admire!  Or, go all-out and embroider the entire surface of a coif, a pouch, a sleeve, or even a jacket!  Whether this is your first time putting needle to thread or you're an embroidery veteran, if you’ve been waiting for the know-how or the motivation, “The Academy of St.  Clare of Assisi:  Keeping You in Stitches!” will enable and inspire you! 

WHAT:  At this weekend event devoted to the art of the needle, you will:
• Spend time with fellow embroiderers, relishing the relaxed atmosphere with others who share your passion for stitching.
• Learn more about embroidery!

The Academy of St.  Clare offers you two ways to learn or share what you know.  It features:
• Small, specialized classes on single topics.  These classes are usually one hour in length and taught by embroiderers for embroiderers.  They require no special sign-up before the event.
• Long, detailed “kit” classes on beloved styles.  Afternoon “kit” classes require pre-registration and pre-payment; pre-registration starts on January 15, 2019, and ends on March 1, 2019.

Please include the following with your event reservation:
• SCA name
• modern name
• email address
• food allergies (if applicable)
• mobility concerns (if applicable)
• bunk space required for 2 nights / 1 night (specify Friday or Saturday) / 0 nights
• Are you interested in attending an afternoon “kit” class? YES / NO

Upon receipt of your event reservation, our staff will contact you with information about registering for your afternoon “kit” class. 

Site Opens: 5:00 PM
Site Closes: 11:00 AM

Event Website: http://www.eg.bucknell.edu/~acg/Events/SiT.html

Event Location
Boy Scout Camp Karoondinha
225 Thomas Dam Road
Millmont, PA  17845-9448
Google Map

Guests coming from the east or west will probably travel on Route 80 to Route 15 to Route 45 to Route 235.  Guests coming from the north will probably travel on Route 15.
From the West, East and North:  Find your best route to Route I-80.  Take Exit 210 A, Route 15 South, to Lewisburg.  Stay on Route 15 S for about 7 miles; you will come to the intersection of Routes 15 and 45 at a light.  Turn right onto Route 45 West.  Continue at the * below.

From the South:  Find your best route to Route 15 North.  In Lewisburg, you will come to the intersection of Routes 15 and 45 at a light.  Turn left onto Route 45 West.  Continue at the * below.

(*) Proceed west on Route 45 West for about 17 miles, passing through the towns of Mifflinburg and Hartleton (follow speed limits here).  At the intersection of Route 235 South, turn left.

From this turn, follow signs for 235 South for approximately 3 miles through Laurelton (last chance for food, gas, and ATM) and Glen Iron.  The road makes several 90-degree turns; just before the last one, you will pass the West End Fire Company on your left.

Turn right onto Creek Road at the 4-way intersection past this last 90-degree turn.  Penns Creek should be on your left.  Stay on this road for approximately three miles; you will pass a large 3 story stone house with three arches, on your right, at this point you are about one mile from the Camp.

Just before you cross the bridge over Penns Creek, Penns Creek Campground will be on your right.  Cross the bridge and turn right at the sign for Thomas Dam Road/Boy Scout Camp.

Camp Karoondinha is on the left.  From the road, all you'll see is the parking area and the gate.  As you go up the hill, look for the Dining Hall, a large stone building with 3 flagpoles in front. 

On Friday night, Troll will be located in Edna Sheary Lodge.  To get to Sheary Lodge, continue up the hill past the Dining Hall.  Sheary Lodge is located in the wooded area just past the large field on the right. 

On Saturday, Troll will be located in the Dining Hall.  Look for TROLL signs.

Parking spaces in front of all buildings will be reserved for those with mobility concerns.

Drivers are asked to use their flashers and to travel at the posted 10 miles per hour.

Registration Fees
Registration: • Adult Event Registration:  $35.00 if postmarked on or before 12/31/18; $40.00 on or after 1/1/19

• Adult Member Discount Event Registration:  $30.00 if postmarked on or before 12/31/18; $35.00 on or after 1/1/19.  Please include photocopy of current SCA membership card.

Feast: Weekend Registration includes lodging in a heated cabin as well as breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and supper on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

Bunk spaces are filled on a first-paid, first-served basis; please reserve early if you need special sleeping accommodations! 

Need a bottom-bunk space in the cabin with indoor plumbing? Include with your paid reservation a request for a bottom bunk in Sheary Lodge.  Need access to electricity? Request a bottom bunk near an outlet.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA PA Inc.  — Shire of ACG

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Mistress Alicia Langland (mka Della Hutchison) 570-742-4567; hutchnsn@bucknell.edu

Send Reservations to:
Maistresse Marguerite d’Honfleur, c/o Dawn Maneval, 922 College Court, Lewisburg PA 17837

Other Contact Information:
Interested in teaching? Please contact Mistress Jaqueline at moliere1297@yahoo.com.

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