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Event Details
Harper's Retreat Event date: September 1st, 2017 - September 4th, 2017
Hosted by Barony of Stonemarche - Richmond , NH
Event Last Modified: August 24th, 2017
Event details
The wars of summer are over and our brave warriors have returned home with tales of glory and songs of triumph and heartbreak.  We will raise a mug to those we have lost and regale each other with their deeds.  In this quiet time before the crops are harvested, wood is stacked and animals slaughtered in preparation of the long winter to come, the Barony of Stonemarche invites one and all to join us around the fire and share the stories and songs of the summer.

We are working on classes for bardic arts, arts and sciences, fighting, fencing, archery, and thrown weapons.  There will be a class for those interested in Combat Archery (CA) and qualifications after.  You do not need to be authorized in another heavy weapons form in order to authorize for CA.  In addition, we will be having youth combat and special children's activities such as a glow battles and campfire songs/stories complete with special treats!  There is also a lovely lake which beckons an afternoon swim. 

Cabins:  Camp Takodah offers cabins, for those who wish to use them, which have lights and limited outlets.  Most of the cabins have 6 to 14 bunks and will be assigned based on group size and availability.  There are a few cabins which are accessible to those with mobility difficulties.  Cabins will not be assigned until shortly before the event.  Beds (bunks) are being reserved individually.  You may reserve one for yourself and a second one for your belongings.  There is also space for those who wish to set up tents.

MEAL PLAN:  We are offering a meal plan this year.  It will run from Friday night through Monday morning and includes Feast on Saturday night.  Everyone on the meal plan is expected to sign up to help prep, prepare, serve, or cleanup for a minimum of 1 meal.  This allows everyone to have a good time and not be stuck in the kitchen all day.  Youth (5-12) can sign up to help with serving and cleanup.

FEAST:  There is a lovely and scrumptious feast planned for Saturday night.  This is open to all and does not require you to be on meal plan to partake.  Gentles may sign up for tables starting at 11am on Saturday in the feast hall.  There will be limited seating available for offboard. 

Menu information can be found at http://harpersmenu.northernarmy.org/

A Preliminary Schedule of tournaments is shown below.  Anyone may enter and serve as a Baronial Champion provided they are willing to serve in such a capacity.

9am Bow Inspections
10am-2pm Baronial Archery Tournament
2pm-3pm Baronial Thrown Weapons Tournament
5:30pm Feast
Post Feast Baronial Bard

9am - 10am Weapon and Armor Inspection for Heavy and Fencing
10am - 12pm Baronial Heavy Tournament
12pm - 2pm Baronial Fencing Tournament
4pm - 6pm Baronial Court
Dark - Unofficial Bardic


Merchants are welcome at no extra charge.  Merchants will be outdoors again this year, and should contact Lady Lilie of Eastham to reserve a space.

SWIMMING:  Lifeguards will be on duty Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Access to the waterfront is only permitted in the presence of a Takodah lifeguard.

TRASH:  This is a CARRY-IN CARRY-OUT event!  Please, remember to bring garbage bags to take home wastes and recycling. 

ADULT BEVERAGES:  Alcohol is allowed in the feast hall and at the official bardic circle.  Please keep alcohol to period containers outside of your camp.  This is a children's camp, please be responsible with your non-period containers.

SMOKING:  Whenever possible Camp Takodah encourages a NON SMOKING environment due the risk of fire on property.  The use of Tobacco is limited to restricted areas.  There will be containers for the disposal of your butts.  Smoking in any other area around camp is not permitted.

FIRE PITS:  Camp Takodah has several firepits available for our use.  Wood will be stacked near each pit. 

QUIET HOURS:  10pm through 7am.  Activity can still continue but be aware that there are other families and young children living on site and there are residents across the lake. 

ICE:  We will be selling bags of ice from the feast hall.  You may purchase ice at any time the hall is open for a meal.

PETS:  are allowed on site but they must:
A) Be up to date on their shots and have records proving so
B) Be leashed at all times during the event
C) Must be cleaned up after while on site
D) We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave should their pet prove to be a nuisance or a danger.
Site Opens: Friday September 1, 2017 at 3pm
Site Closes: Monday September 4, 2017 at 12pm
Event Location
Camp Takodah
55 Fitzwilliam Rd
Richmond , NH  03470
Google Map

YMCA Camp Takodah
55 Fitzwilliam Rd
Richmond, NH 03470


Registration Fees
Registration: Weekend Pre-Reg:
Adult non-member - $35.00
Adult member - $30.00
Youth (13-17) - $20.00

Weekend At the Door: 
Adult non-member - $40.00
Adult member - $35.00
Youth (13-17) - $25.00

Day Fee Pre-Reg: 
Adult non-member - $20.00
Adult member - $15.00
Youth (13-17) - $10.00

Day Fee At the Door:
Adult non-member - $25.00
Adult member - $20.00
Youth (13-17) - $15.00

Children (12 and under):  free

Family Cap (2 adults and 2+ youth in the same family):
Weekend Pre-Reg:  $100.00 (non-members add $5.00/per adult non member)
Weekend At the Door:  $120.00 (non-members add $5.00/per adult non member)

Pre-registration form:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B01KqnYLOY91YjBROThMOGs0cGM

Reservation Deadline is Friday August 25, 2017

For individuals bringing minors other than their own children, please remember to bring the appropriate medical waiver signed by their legal guardian. 

CABIN / BUNK Registration:  In addition to a bunk to sleep in, you may reserve an additional bunk per person.
Bunk fee (no age limit):  $5.00

*** Reservation deadline has been extended to Friday August 25, 2017 ***

Feast: Feast:  Saturday Night
Adult fee (Over age 13) - $15.00
Youth (age 5-12) - $10.00
Children (under 5) - free

Meal Plan:  (Includes Feast)
Adult fee (Over age 13) - $50.00
Youth (age 5-12) - $45.00
Children (under 5) - free

Menu information can be found at http://harpersmenu.northernarmy.org/

*** Reservation deadline has been extended to Friday August 25, 2017 ***

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NH Inc.  Barony of Stonemarche

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Tessa Martini d’Agostino (Elizabeth Rakich)
603-206-0185 - leave a message for call back

Send Reservations to:
Lady Fionnghualla inghen Mhic Cailleagh (Kelly-Jean Henderson)
8 Roger Ave.  Concord NH 03301

Other Contact Information:
Class Information:
Lady Ciarnait ni’Bhroin

Lady Lilie of Eastham (Carolyn Henderson)

Feast Coordinator:
Lord Richard le Hauke (Rich Rakich)
603-206-0185 - leave a message for call back

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