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The King and Queen of the East
Current Majesties Current Royals:
Queen: Margarita de' Siena

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Current Highnesses Current Highnesses:
Heir Sovereign Magnus Tindal
Heir Consort Alberic von Rostock

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The Royal Court

The Royal Event Coordinator: Cassair Ni Deorain Email

The King's Champions

King's Archery Champion: Julian Ridley Email
King's Arts & Sciences Champion: Lord Þórfinnr Hróðgeirsson Email
King's Bard: Mästarinna Margreþa La Fauvelle Email
King's Equestrian Champion: Viscountess Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragon Keep Email
King's Rapier Champion: Master Donovan Shinnock Email
King's Champion of Arms: Earl Horic Grarvargr Caithnes Email
King's Thrown Weapon Champion: Lord Thrainn Steinsson Email

The Queen's Champions

Queen's Archery Champion: Master Aleksei Dmitriev Email
Queen's Arts & Sciences Champion: Lady Ástríðr Musi Email
Queen's Bard: Sayyida Laila al-Sanna' al-Andalusiyya Email
Queen's Equestrian Champion: Lady Cathain Reiter Email
Queen's Rapier Champion: Don Robert of Anglespur Email
Queen's Champion of Arms: Baron Brick James Beech Email
Queen's Thrown Weapon Champion: Lord Symon of Barnesdale Email

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