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The King and Queen of the East
Current Majesties Current Royals:
King: Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke
Queen: Vienna de la Mer

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Current Highnesses Current Highnesses:
Prince Ozurr the Boot-Giver
Princess Fortune Sancte Keyne

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The Royal Court

The Royal Event Coordinator: Baroness Alanna of Skye Email

The King's Champions

King's Archery Champion: Lord Ruan Shi Tian Email
King's Arts & Sciences Champion: Mistress Elena Hylton Email
King's Bard: Lady Juliana Byrd Email
King's Equestrian Champion: Duchess Kiena Stewart Email
King's Rapier Champion: Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne Email
King's Champion of Arms: Sir Arne Ulrichsson Email
King's Thrown Weapon Champion: Lord Þórormr Barnakarl Email

The Queen's Champions

Queen's Archery Champion: Baron Colin Ursell Email
Queen's Arts & Sciences Champion: Lord Doroga Voronin Email
Queen's Bard: Geoffrey of Exeter Email
Queen's Equestrian Champion: Lady Leana Doucet Email
Queen's Rapier Champion: Lord Morwill McShane Email
Queen's Champion of Arms: Prince Ozurr the Boot-Giver Email
Queen's Thrown Weapon Champion: Lord Matteo Genovese Email

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