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Lady Ysemay Sterlyn, OM.



I am passionate about research and trying new things. I always have some project in the works. When I am water bearing on the field, or running a tourney, I can usually be found wearing 15th century French working class garb. When I am supporting my husband, I wear 14th century English. When I want to "dress up," I am often in 16th century German. However, I also enjoy viking and am planning to venture into the exotic wilds of India.

Offices & Positions

Chatelaine, Shire of Quintavia, 2002-2003

Mistress of Arts and Sciences, Shire of Nordenhalle, 4/2013-present


When I have time, I will start adding projects to this space.


Classes that I have taught.

  • Sinister Calligraphy--Introduction to Calligraphy for Left Handed Scribes.
  • Intro to Smocking-- How to Make a Smocked Apron.
  • Don't Be Afraid, It's Only Documentation-- Tips for creating documentation for SCA competions.
  • Creating a Wulstehaub--Discussing the research and construction of the German hat.
  • How to Pattern a 4 Panel Bodice-- Transition class designed to help move people from commercial patterns to self patterning
  • Women and Minorities in the Crown of Aragon-- Dispelling myths and preconceptions about women and minorities during the 12-14th centuries.
  • Middle English Pronunciation--Introduction to Middle English
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