Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea

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Lady Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea, called Rozi

Order of the Maunche

Order of the Silver Crescent

Queen's Order of Courtesy (Isabella II)



Rozi was born in Malta around 1540 and was raised by her mother (a maid at the Knights' Palace) and grandfather. Her grandfather farmed a small plot of land due to his failing health, although her three uncles followed their father and were fishermen.

Offices & Positions

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Scribe at Large (before)

Baronial MoL (fencing) (past)

Fencing Marshal at Large (present)

Shire Fencing Marshal (present)

Youth Armored Combat Marshal at Large (present)

Deputy Youth Fencing Marshal (present)

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Event Steward

Duello AS XXXX

Queen's Court at Carolingia


Feast of St **, with King's and Queen's Rapier Championship


Server at many events, most notably Hafla AS XXXXVI

One of the two cooks for Hafla AS XXXXVII

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