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|name= Shire of Vinland
|name= Shire of Vinland
|devicecaption= Argent, a rock maple leaf in fall phase within a laurel wreath proper.
|devicecaption= Argent, a rock maple leaf in fall phase within a laurel wreath proper.
|founded= Mid 1970s.
|founded= Mid 1970s.

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Shire of Vinland

Argent, a rock maple leaf in fall phase within a laurel wreath proper.
Founded:Mid 1970s.
Location:Central Maine.





Dissolved: in 1985 - according to

Blazon: Argent, a rock maple leaf [Acer saccharum] in fall phase within a laurel wreath proper.

Registered August 1979. [1]

Heraldic officer's title: Vinland Pursuivant

Newsletter: None

See "Memories of Vinland: what came before" by Lord Seamus na Coille Aosda[2], in the Spring 2012 issue of Northern Watch Newsletter. [3]


Arinbjorn Langtaler Niallson à Chnuic Ghuirm, Primary founder of Vinland & First seneschal.

Seamus na Coille Aosda, (2nd?) seneschal

Ian mac Nèill Dunnceann à Chnuic Ghuirm, poursuivant & (3rd?)seneschal.

Milo de Lagrange, Master of arts.

Meriadoc of Ross, Master of sciences

Redwulf (deceased), Marshal

Skjaldbjorn Ozulsson (deceased), Master of lists


Rachel Ealasaid an Bhán

Ealasaid an Gheal

Gabrielle de Lagrange,(4th?) seneschal

Dawn of Vinland


Tórr Ravensfriend Hrólfsson

Blackwulf Bjorn's son

Sean Maclean á Chnuic Ghuirm

Demelza of Wind Ridge.

The Mistress of Berrymead.

Gordon of Exeter.

Nancy of Exeter.

Robert of the Barrow.

Maria Westmoreland.

Dennis Keich

Edward F. Stevens Jr.

Lucinda A, Stevens

Edward F. Stevens III

Michael D. Stevens

Page M. Stevens

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