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Yeah, I could live here.

Household Badge, based on a period pewter customs seal.



The household of Signora Anna Dauzzano da Siracusa. Devoted solely to the practice and teaching of the Fine Arts and Sciences.

Membership is at the sole discretion of Signora da Siracusa, and members are given a glass token depicting a dolphin. The token allows all members free, safe passage aboard any voyage of the ship La Delfina Nera, protection of the house, and the right to wear the badge. Members of the Villa are primarily situated in Bridge and Smoking Rocks, though members can be from all over.


Anna started Delfina Nera as a joke between her two brothers (Maximo and Alessandro), to create a Renaissance-era mafioso. Realizing that is was probably a bad idea, the house evolved into the focus of various arts and sciences including sewing, painting, weaving, woodworking, smithing, and the arts of defense.


In no specific order.

Signora Anna Dauzzano da Siracusa --House Matrona, Sponsor of the ship, La Delfina Nera.

Countess Elspeth Keyf of Neddingham --Former Baroness Bridge, free boat rides!

Baron Eloi Abelard -- Baron Bridge, free boat rides!

Hanimefendi Nejla Dogan -- Token Turkish Servant to the Matrona

Signor Enzo Fishmonger -- Stratego of Defence

Lord Tristan le Sauvage -- Token YAR Pirate and Lithuanian History Expert

Lord Faelan MacLochlainn -- Chaplain

Lord Fergus Redmead -- Cookey

Lady Heather von Halstern -- Den Mom

Gabriel d'Chateauroux -- Shipwright

Maxentius Comnenus/Maximo Dauzzano da Siracusa (Outlands) -- Sponsor of the ship, Le Giovanni. Immediate family.

Gabriel d'Lyon (Caid) -- Archivist

Alessandro Dauzzano (Drachenwald) -- Immediate Family, pilot of Le Giovanni

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