The Smoking Bridge Guild of Libation Brewers

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|photo=[[Image:Photo needed.jpg|200px]]
|photo=[[Image:Photo needed.jpg|200px]]
|photocaption=Caption Needed  
|photocaption=Caption Needed  
|founded= 2011
|status= Fermenting. ;)
|device= [[Image:Device needed.jpg|200px]]
|device= [[Image:Device needed.jpg|200px]]
|devicecaption=Heraldry Needed
|devicecaption=Heraldry Needed

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Caption Needed
Status:Fermenting. ;)

Heraldry Needed



The Smoking Bridge Guild of Libation Brewers has been formed from the love of brewing and friendships and having a good time. We are looking to share our knowledge and passion for making enjoyable beverages with anyone who will listen. We work on all types of recipes ranging from period to non period. We are focusing on documenting our potables and taking our talents to the next level with in the Society. We have some inventors in the group that break out from the traditional and see what they can stumble upon. If you are interested in brewing and having fun, then this is the place for you.

Bottoms up!



Officially formed in 2011, between the brewers of The Barony of Smoking Rocks and The Barony of the Bridge.


To join please contact Fergus Redmead @ everyone is welcome. Lord Fergus Redmead Co-Founder.

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