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Tanaka Raiko, knight of the East (technically the 110th member of the Order in the East). Spends most of his SCA time teaching people about fighting. Resides in Rusted Woodlands in the Southern Region.


I fancy my persona to be a vagabond knight, but truth be told I'm deeply entrenched in the East Kingdom and my home Shire of Rusted Woodlands. In my halcyon days I was always found at the list field, or in melees with brief visits to the Archery Range (I eventually attained a Master Bowman status), and the Fencing List. It's all good.

The differences between my Modern Personality and my SCA persona are nil, but you'd never know that to meet me.

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Head of the OSS (Office of SCA Staffing) October 2012 - Present Seneschal Rusted Woodlands 2005-2010 East Kingdom Earl Marshal 1999 - 2001 Southern Region Earl Marshal 1994-1998 Rusted Woodlands Knight Marshal 1990-2001+

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