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Lady Sorcha with Her Wisdom, Sophia

Photo: Sallie Wilder

Resides:Province of Malagentia
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Per fess azure and sable, a fess wavy argent and in chief a sun or.
Awards & Offices
Award of Arms, 7/14/2007


I am Lady Sorcha Nic Aedh. I first played in the SCA in Endewearde in the mid 1990s, drawn in by fencing, fell out of it for a while due to work & travel, and then became more active again in the new century. I am particularly interested in equestrian activities and needlework, though not at the same time.


Sorcha is a highlands lass who left home and eventually found herself in Paris. She was employed at Ninian’s Gambling Hall for a while, first as a cleaning wench, but then, since she got on so well with them, was more involved with the customers. She met her husband, Baron Jean du Montagne, at Ninian’s when some of Woolfe’s Dragoons came carousing there. She is now an Aide-de-Camp in Woolfe’s Privateers.

Event Staff

  • Resurrection Angel, Bare Blade Tavern Brawl, 1998
  • Information Point, Great Northeastern War, ?
  • Deputy A&S Coordinator, Great Northeastern War XXV, 07/2011
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