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My first introductory into the Society was a Black Rose Ball back in 1998 at the University of Rhode Island, before knowing what the SCA was. Some friends were going to a "medieval ball", which sounded fun, and had invited me along. This was eventually followed up by attending "some sort of a medieval market event called 'Birka'" almost a year later. This is where I first saw heavy-list fighting…and the hook was firmly set. A year later when Birka rolled around again, I bought my first suit of armor from Dark Victory, and the rest as they say is history.


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Heavy-List (primary activity)

  • Polearm fighter and commander with the Lochleven Army, within the Second Division of The Great Northern Army, qualled in all melee forms (and occasionally Combat Archery). Especially enjoy singles bouts with greatswords.
  • First fighting event was a Great Northeastern War 14 (2000), second was Pennsic XXIX a few weeks later.
  • Squired to Sir Thomas of Ravenhill (at Pennsic XXXII), founder of Haus von Eber
  • First served as an alternate for the Unbelted Champions team at Pennsic XXXI, and first served on the team its self at Pennsic XXXII.

Fencing (secondary activity)

  • First qualled in heavy rapier (Single & Case) at Mud Thaw 30 (03/27/2010), progressed to the semi-finals of the novice tournament only to lose to the eventual winner. Still, not bad for a first time.

Other Activities

  • Archery
  • Medieval Dance
  • Middle Eastern Dance (occasionally)

More Information

  • Founder of House Darostur (Twin Rose Tower), a smaller sister household to Lochleven.
  • Served on the Queens Guard for HRM Aikaterine and HRM Marguerite
  • Photographer at large for TRM Edward and Marguerite (and Pennsic photographer for TRM Gryffith and Aikaterine)
  • Finished in a tie for 14th in the first East Kingdom Squire's Tourney – Barony Beyond the Mountain (Jan A.S. 38)
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