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House Silverwing is a feudal household, headed by Master Steffan ap Cenydd of Silverwing. It has traditionally been closely associated with the East's heraldic activities, and a number of members of Silverwing have served as Brigantia Herald.


The household was founded by me (then called Samuel ben Isaac of Sarkel) in early 1978, very soon after I joined the SCA. The original notion was that it be a service organization, and this is reflected in the wording of our Carolingian charter. The structure I had naively set up proved unwieldy after a few years, though, and after much thought, I decided we weren't, as a household, fulfilling the charter...although many of the individual members did quite good things indeed, and many continue to do so. I gave up the charter, and later reorganized the household more simply as myself and my lady, and those who had a feudal relationship to me: those from Old Silverwing who had explicitly chosen to join New Silverwing, plus any proteges, apprentices, yeomen, equerries or other feudal dependents. The Carolingian branch again became a chartered Carolingian household during the tenure of Baron Patri and Baroness Barbara.

House Silverwing takes pride in its heraldic legacy: four of us have served as Brigantia Herald, three as Golden Gryphon Pursuivant, one is the legendarily long-serving Shepherd's Crook Herald & Clerk of the Polls. Our members are also characterized by a long-standing active engagement in SCA Philosophy, advocating for beneficial structural and operational change in both the real-world and game-side of the organization.


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