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*[[Serpentius]], member
*House[[Serpentius]], member
*[[Clann O'Choda]], member
*[[Clann O'Choda]], member
*[[TOAD]], member
*[[TOAD]], member

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Resides:Shire of Barren Sands
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Safia's first event was Pennsic 22, August of 1993. Her first SCA name was "Selena," which evolved into "Baby Selena." Around 2000, she changed her name to the current one. In 2005, Darius III, while on the throne, made a decree that every one was to call Safia "The Great al-Khansaa." This is now her nickname, especially with members of House Serpentius, who also call her "GAK" for short.


  • Mistress of the Laurel, 2005
  • Companion of the Maunche, 2001
  • Companion of the Silver Crescent, 2008
  • Court Baroness, 2006
  • Award of Arms, 2001
  • Companion of the Terpsichore, 2005
  • Queen's Order of Courtesy, 2008
  • King's Order of Excellence, 2007
  • Baroness' Silver Ring, 2009 (Iron Bog)
  • Queen's Honor of Distinction, 2005 (Roxane III)
  • Queen's Honor of Distinction, 2007 (Yana IV)


16th century Persian woman who lives her life as a man, and goes by "Safi" when in male garb. Safia choose this persona because the arts that she pursues were considered male-only art forms at this time in Persian culture.


Offices & Positions

Coordinator of the Pennsic Youth Arts and Sciences Exhibition, 2005 to present



Elizabeth Long (also called Fern)

Projects & Publications

  • Mistress Safia's Middle Eastern Garb Haven[1]
  • Safia, along with her colleague Roxane Farabi, have been working for more than 10 years in studying Persian culture, garb, and personas. They are also working on 13th century Mongolian garb, and hope to present this for the first time at Pennsic soon.
  • In 2008-2009, Safia worked with her apprentice Drueta de la Rosa in creating a fully period Elizabethan ensemble for Drueta's investiture as Baroness of Iron Bog.
  • Safia has been working for 10 years on period pottery forms, clays, glazes, etc. Her favorite pottery forms are 14th-15th century English/French, and 16th century Turkish (Iznik).
  • She has continued work for the Signet Office, her favorite style of illuminated manuscripts being 15th and 16th century Florentine, Milanese, and Paduan (Italian) and Dutch Tromp L'oeil.
  • Safia regularly helps out in making regalia for many of her friends' elevations. Currently she is working on 16th Century Persian regalia.
  • Safia also makes coronets and medallions for various groups and individuals. She also has repaired several of the East Kingdom crowns, and recast/rebuilt the Blue Tyger crowns.

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