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|photo = [[Image:Sabyn_mol_cropped.jpg ]]
|photo = [[Image:Sabyn_mol_cropped.jpg ]]
|photocaption = Lady Sabyn Luttrell at Crown Tourney, Spring 2011
|photocaption = Lady Sabina Luttrell at Crown Tourney, Spring 2011
|location = Barony of Smoking Rocks
|location = Barony of Smoking Rocks
|status = Active
|status = Active

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Lady Sabina Luttrell at Crown Tourney, Spring 2011
Resides:Barony of Smoking Rocks
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Heraldry Needed
Awards & Offices



Lady Sabina Luttrell happened upon the SCA in 2007. Her first event was a rainy, bleary archery event in Stonemarche. Sabyn joined the SCA with the love of history, music and singing in her thoughts but quickly learned that helping to make events, her Barony, and the East Kingdom run is where her true passion lies.

Lady Sabina received her AoA from King Edward and Queen Marguerite during the investiture of Baroness Nest verch Tangwistel at Vinland Raids 2010.


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Offices & Honors

Mistress of the Lists, Barony of Smoking Rocks, September 2009 to present

Chancellor Minor, Barony of Smoking Rocks, Fall of 2010 to September 2011

Central Region Deputy Minister of the Lists, East Kingdom, January 2011 to present

East Kingdom Deputy Minister of Lists, October 2012 to present

Thrown Weapons Champion, Barony of Smoking Rocks, July 2011 to present

Event Staff

MOL(one of many), Birka, 2010 to present

Lady in Waiting, TRM Edward and Marguerite

Lady in waiting, Queen Avelina

Lady in Waiting, Baroness Nest verch Tangwistel

Kitchen Staff, Ice Weasel 2011, 2012

Kitchen Staff, Barony Birthday 2011

Deputy Autocrat, Vinland Raids 2011

Autocrat, Ice Weasel 2013


One of the founding members of House Angletree, established 2008

Projects and Interests

Further Research into the Luttrell History

14th Century

Hygiene and Beauty in the Middle Ages

Period Soapmaking



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