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by Justin du Coeur, to the tune (more or less) of the dance Gracca Amorosa

A recording of the actual performance of the song, in East Kingdom Court at Pennsic XXXIX

Gracious Queen, I strive Your Swift Justice to survive:[1]
With poor doggerel, of the Eastern Queens I'll tell.
Alphabetically, and with scansion slightly free

I'll try to say a little, or the name of each at least,
From all the noble lineage of the Roses of the East.

Adrienne is first, both in history and verse,[2]
Aidan gave us Law when she became the Seneschal,
Aikaterine's now a mother, will be queen.

Alethea's a better herald than me, to say the least;
'Cause she can remember the name of the Queen and the Roses of the East

Other Queens subjected to my poor quavering timbre:
Allanda, and Alyson, and next is good Queen Amber.
Heightning Kingdom fame, Anna gave the Tyger's name.

Arastorm the Golden gave the rest of them these fiefs,
Establishing the Order of the Roses of the East.

Brekke's known for sausages, Brewen's known for thread,
Bronwyn was the first Queen on whose toes this fool did tread.
Caellyn, Caitlin, Carissa and Christence - the C's all said.

Diana was the first Queen of the grand Pennsic melee,
Like half of her successors in the Roses of the East.

Elaina-Mom and Eloise come up next in the set.
Elspeth got an upgrade on her B'ronial coronet.
Embla came along, and rewarded dance and song.

Fatima was early, but Queen Florence was the lead
Of native ladies serving as the Roses of the East.[2]

Gabriella's name is the one that ends with A;
Gabrielle's does not, but sounds similar to say;
But Geneviere and Genevieve sound different anyway.

I'm grateful to the ladies whose names start with letter G,
For simplifying mem'ry of the Roses of the East.

Ianthe ruled as Queen while she still was taking courses.
Isabella added to the other nat'ral forces.
Jana gets placed here for reigns one and two and four.

Katherine as the Signet oversaw the scrolls that please
Recipients in courts held by the Roses of the East.

Khadijah and Kunegunda; Lauryan and Lea
Luna in the questing game: a formidable playah.
Mara's courtly grace taught us all to sinkapace,

Good Queen Margaret ordered that Laurels be increased
By this poor fool who's singing 'bout the Roses of the East.

Queen Marguerite is both courteous and sweet,
Patroness of Arts and most notable for smarts,
Mighty on the field, she will make the Dragon yield.

Now trust me, I'm a Laurel: it's as period as can be
To suck up to the Royalty and the Roses of the East.

Marieke is a Tyger, then Maureen and then Maurya,
Melisande, Morgana, and Morgen are next Sires,
Moruadh and Nicorlyn and then Queen Olivia.

Okay, the rhymes are desperate, but I cannot yet decease,
From listing all the names of our dear Roses of the East.

Rowan, then Roxane who's notable for Persian;
Sedalia for administration didn't show aversion;
Sirillian put her ink on the Acre pact (I think)

Svava makes up tournies that are full of fun and glee,
Honoring the ladies of the Roses of the East.

Tamera first met me through an accident of soup;
Wanda was the den-mom to the whole Von Halstern group.
Yana three goes here (no, I really haven't looped).

Ysabeau and Yseault are the last - there is no Z,
When going through the alpha list of Roses of the East.

That's the Eastern list: I hope there's no one that I missed;
Otherwise the pool says you'll demote me to your fool.
I've tried my best, and hope that finishes the quest,

I recommend a fact-check with those cleverer than me,
And hope I've not offended any Roses of the East.

More footnotes to come later. [3]


  1. I was the first recipient of the Swift and Terrible Justice of Queen Margueritetm, and that's where this song comes from.
    I was Royal Herald for Coronation, and that was going beautifully -- it was a work of art that many people had worked on for months, and went very well. But I got distracted at the very end, and while we recessed, I managed to get the Queen's name wrong. My reward was a Quest: memorize the names of the Queens of the East, alphabetically, and recite them at Pennsic.
  2. 2.0 2.1 It's a little hard to define "the first Queen of the East". Adrienne founded the Kingdom, coming here from the West; Florence was the consort of the victor of the first Eastrealm Crown Tourney (Bruce of Cloves). So I credit them both, distinguishing Florence as the first "native" Queen.
    (As an aside: Adrienne's line was the first one written in this song, and I liked it enough that I decided I had to write the rest. I love the fact that she is both historically and alphabetically first.)
  3. (I wouldn't be a good Silverwing if there weren't lots of footnotes...)
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