Recommending Someone for an Award

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(NOTE: this page is intended to become a full discussion of how to make a good recommendation, to be linked from the main EK website. Justin and Caitlin are organizing it; please speak with them before changing anything. Initially, we are brainstorming the outline, before we begin wordsmithing.)

  • Summary first
    • Clear, brief, unthreatening -- make sure the length of the rest isn't too intimidating
    • Below is the full details
  • Deciding to make a recommendation
    • Anyone can recommend anybody for anything
      • Don't have to be a member of the Order
    • Know what you're recommending them for
      • If you're not a member, good idea to talk to someone who is
      • Link here to info about Awards (Jessa's page, Law)
    • Lead time
  • How to write a good recommendation letter
    • Who to write to -- Crowns, esp Prince and Princess
    • What goes into the letter
      • SCA and mundane names
      • SCA and mundane locations
      • What you're recommending them for
      • Reasons why you think they are appropriate
    • Don't necessarily include a huge resume. Do summarize.
      • More than a page, and their eyes will glaze over
    • Target audience
      • May be sent to Order, so don't assume only Crown will read it!
  • What happens next
    • Awards: up to Crown
    • Polling orders: sent to them, often unedited
    • If they get it, you may wind up needing to help set it up
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