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*[http://www.quintavia.eastkingdom.org/ Official Web Site]
*[http://www.quintavia.eastkingdom.org/ Official Web Site]
==Territories of Quintavia==

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Shire of Quintavia
Heraldry Needed
Founded:April 1978
Location:Metro-West & Worcester Co., MA




Established: April 1978

Blazon: Per fess indented of three points vert and argent, on a pale between in base two laurel wreaths, in chief a laurel wreath, all counterchanged

Heraldic officer's title:

Awards: As a shire we do not have official awards or orders. But we do have recognition of distinction we call 'Keepers'

  • Keeper of the Chalice: Arts & Sciences:
  • Keeper of the Light: Service:
  • Keeper of the Torse: Heavy List:
  • Keeper of the Golden Arrow: Archery:

Newsletter: Milestone published Quarterly January, March, June & October

Fighting Unit(s):

More Information

Territories of Quintavia


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