Planning an Award Ceremony

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(NOTE: this page is intended to become a full discussion of what needs to be prepared for an award ceremony, to be linked from the main EK website. Justin and Caitlin are organizing it; please speak with them before changing anything. Initially, we are brainstorming the outline, before we begin wordsmithing.)

The Crown give out many awards during their reign, of many different sorts: Awards of Arms, Peerages, Orders of Honor and many others. Each one matters a lot, and each one should be special to the recipient. But the Royalty can't do that on their own -- each award takes a bunch of work, and needs help from the people who know the recipient.

So if you recommended someone for an award, or are a close friend or relative of the recipient, they may well need your assistance. This page describes how award ceremonies generally work, and gives some ideas of how you may be able to help out.


We'll cover everything in detail below. But here are the high points:

  • Someone needs to make sure the recipient will be at a Royal Progress event to get the award.
  • The word needs to get out to appropriate people that it will be happening.
  • For some awards, appropriate regalia like medallions or coronets need to be arranged.
  • For Peerages, a vigil usually should be set up.

The following sections describe the process further. They are broken down by the kind of award, since the details vary depending on that.

Page Outline

  • Common concepts
    • Stuff that pertains to any award
    • Figuring out an RP to give it
    • Who to Notify
      • Family, if involved in SCA
      • Peer, if they have one
      • Household
      • Possibly local nobility
      • Possibly other friends
    • Surprise
      • By default, assume awards are supposed to be a surprise
      • If you know for sure that they don't want a surprise, notify the Royalty
        • Don't break it without checking first: some Royalty care a lot about this
        • Writ of Summons can be the best way to split the difference
  • Orders
    • Arranging for a medallion
      • Often provided by a friend in the Order, but not always
      • If they have a Peer, check with them *first*
      • Royals can usually provide a medallion if necessary, but usually better ceremony if one is given
  • Baronies
    • Arranging for a coronet
  • Peerages
    • Setting up a vigil
      • Need to know event well in advance
      • Will usually need a bunch of help
      • Some households care passionately about this, and will want to run it
      • Talk to autocrat, to line up space for vigil
      • Open to all/Peers/Order?
      • Furniture
      • Food?
      • Guest book?
    • Lining up sponsors
    • Regalia
    • Good clothing for court
      • "In case of Peerage" box -- extreme case, but can be very snazzy
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