Planning an Award Ceremony

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(NOTE: this page is intended to become a full discussion of what needs to be prepared for an award ceremony, to be linked from the main EK website. Justin and Caitlin are organizing it; please speak with them before changing anything. Initially, we are brainstorming the outline, before we begin wordsmithing.)

  • Common concepts
    • Stuff that pertains to any award
    • Who to Notify
      • Family, if involved in SCA
      • Peer, if they have one
      • Household
      • Possibly local nobility
      • Possibly other friends
    • Surprise
      • By default, assume awards are supposed to be a surprise
      • If you know for sure that they don't want a surprise, notify the Royalty
        • Don't break it without checking first: some Royalty care a lot about this
  • Orders
    • Arranging for a medallion
  • Baronies
    • Arranging for a coronet
  • Peerages
    • Setting up a vigil
    • Lining up sponsors
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