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{{Populace|photo = Image:Phillip_Reed.jpg‎| photocaption = Master Phillip Reed the Facetious| location = Barony of Settmour Swamp | status = Active | device = | devicecaption = Gules, on a bend between two fleams argent three fleurs-de-lis palewise gules|awards= Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the PelicanMentor Chirugeon |offices=Kingdom Seneschal}



Phillip grew up in Lincolnshire, England c. 1200 AD.

Although, his family stems from noble Anglo-Saxon lineage, the Norman conquest stripped all claims to his family's lands and titles.

After leaving Lincoln, Phillip traveled around England, apprenticing to various healers.

Eventually, Phillip found himself in Berkshire, England, where he lived the rest of his days in Reading.

Offices, Positions, & Awards

Seneschal, East Kingdom, Jan 2009 - Present

Deputy Chirurgeon, East Kingdom, Jan 2007 - Dec 2008

Seneschal, Barony of Settmour Swamp, Feb 2006 - Mar 2008

Master of the Pelican, Aug 2007

Companion of the Sagittarius, Jan 2009

Companion of the Silver Crescent, Jan 2006


House Grog

House Serpentius

Proteges & Students

Student Lord Erec L'Claire




Heavy Fighting

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