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|photocaption = Caption Needed
|photocaption = Caption Needed
|location = Concordia of the Snows
|location = Concordia of the Snows
|status =  
|status = Active
|device = [[Image:Device needed.jpg|200px]]  
|device = [[Image:Device needed.jpg|200px]]  
|devicecaption = Heraldry Needed  
|devicecaption = Heraldry Needed  
|awards = Award of Arms, 2012, Order of the Friends - 2011
|awards = Award of Arms,Order of the Friends
|offices =  
|offices =  

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Caption Needed
Resides:Concordia of the Snows
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Heraldry Needed
Awards & Offices
Award of Arms,Order of the Friends



I live in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows and was introduced to SCA in 2010. I craft and use incense in performing my own daily spiritual practices. Researching traditional uses for herbs and incense has been a passion of mine for many years. I am a proud member of the household, DioneSidhe.


Phaedra Kenz-el Khafi is a late 14th century incense maker and spice merchant. Her mother and father were Hellenic and Moorish, respectively. As a successful merchant, her father traveled all over the known world and often took Phaedra and her mother with him. As a result, Phaedra spent a great deal of time during her childhood and youth in Andalusia, Greece and North Africa.

She also dabbles in the fiber arts for her personal use -specifically spinning since it would have been expected that she would have some basic skill in this area.

Offices & Positions

Historian, Barony of Concordia of the Snows,11/01/12 to present

Event Staff

Sub-Autocrat, Bjorn's Ceilidh, 11/10/2012

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