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Cover letter
Cover letter
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 1
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 1
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 2
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 2
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 3
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 3
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 4
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 4
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 5
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 5
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 6
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 6
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 7
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 7
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 8
Pennoncel v.1 n.4 page 8

"Pennoncel" was the name of first newsletter published for the Kingdom of the East. The Kingdom newsletter underwent many name changes before settling into the "Pikestaff" of today. The is the fourth issue that was publish (we are still trying to nail down how many issues were published). The chronicler was Dame Elfrida of Greenwalls (Marion Breen), better know to us today as the author Marion Zimmer Bradley.


Cover Letter Text

S T O P: Before you read the accompanying PENNONCEL, this
brief postscript --or should I say prescript, since
it comes first --is necessary;

First of all, our new address will NOT be 416 State Street, and
nothing should be sent to that address. For various reasons,
the major one of which is that the owner was unable to evict
the prior tenants, we could not take possession. Therefore, the
new address for Breens is 2 Swain Avenue, Staten Island, 1O3l2.

This also makes a difference in the announced rehearsal for
dancers. We have obtained permission to hold it in the
Staten Island Center for the Creative Arts, 56 Beach Street,
Stapleton, Staten Island. To get there, take any bus from
the Ferry Building which goes through Stapleton, and ask the
driver how to get to Beach Street. This is 3 P.M., October 13,
Sunday afternoon, and thanks are due to Les Gerber for
getting us permission to hold the rehearsal there.

I don't think there is room for musicians to rehearse at the
same time, so will the musicians please telephone me at the
new address after September l4th? I don't know yet what the
new number will be; but if you dial the old number, (ELI-7362)
calls will be transferred to the new one. We will arrange to
rehearse somehow.

Our new house has a huge living room with a fireplace, and a
lawn so large that we could almost hold a full-scale tournament
there; we may try it sometime this spring, as it will save us
the trouble of getting permission; also, unhampered by Park
regulations, we could provide wine, beer, etc. However, this
time, we'll stick to Clove Lakes Park as stated herein.

IN THE EVENT OF RAIN on October 27th; we will hold an indoor
revel, with feasting, at our new house.

Now go ahead and read this copy of PENNONCEL, with our
apologies for being so late in sending it out; we didn't
dare let the false information about our new address go out,
and as you can well imagine, we were doing some frantic last
minute house-hunting, Remember; dancers at the Creative Arts
Center, Beach Street, Staten Island, on October l3th;
musicians, please call me after the l4th and we will arrange
a rehearsal.

            Marion Breen
IN THE MEANTIME: If you need to reach us, phone WB at PL3-71137
if you need to send us anything in writing, use 65 East 56
volente, the new place will be reachable by mail and phone
after the 15th--possibly earlier.

Page 1 Text

Page 2 Text

Page 3 Text

Page 4-6 Text

Pages 4-6 contain a reprint from the "Handbook of the Current Middle Ages" which was published at BayCon in 1968

Page 5 Note

A note is added at the bottom of page 5, referencing the description of the job of Seneschal:

 * Walter and Marion Breen have been appointed, temporarily, Seneschal
of the Kingdom in the East. Anyone who wants the job next year had
better start thinking about it now.

Page 7 Text

Page 8 Text

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