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Baroness Mylisant Grey
Resides:Province of Malagentia
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Per pale Azure and Or, a thistle counterchanged.
Awards & Offices
Grant of Arms
Companion of the Order of the Maunche
Court Barony
King's Cypher (Thorson)
Northern Region Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences, Province of Malagentia Minister of Lists



Baroness Mylisant Grey has been in the SCA since 2000 and has resided that entire time in the Province of Malagentia. She has no formal feudal ties although she is good friends with many who do. She enjoys "Divers Arts" and can be seen trying her hand and everything from spinning and weaving to period cookery (especially over the fire at events) to lampwork bead-making and even a little singing. She was spotted on the field in armor years ago and has recently taken up the sword again on the fencing field. Events you are likely to find her at include Great Northeastern War, Birka, the Tyger and Bucket Tavern where she serves as a serving wench, and Panteria. At Pennsic you are likely to find her visting with her friends in Folkvang or Sharc Pit or working on the cannon crew. A journeyman gunner in the Guild of St. Barbara, she has served the martial community by crewing and captaining "Betty" a small-scale reproduction Coehorn mortar. Recently Mylisant has joined the editorial staff of the East Kingdom Gazette [1] and serves as a resource to that fine publication on the topic of Arts and Sciences in addition to serving as Editor-of-the-Day on a rotating schedule with the rest of the staff.


Mylisant was born and raised in what is now the Alsace Province of modern France, but to her, she is a subject of the Holy Roman Empire.

She was born in 1378 just a few weeks prior to the death of Emperor Charles IV. She was raised mostly by her father as her mother died in childbirth when Mylisant was two.

A widow running her own small estate, she can read in Latin as well as the local vernacular, and is familiar enough with sums and ciphers to double-check her steward's books.

Offices & Positions

  • Chatelaine - Province of Malagentia (2005)
  • Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences - Northern Region (2004 - Present)
  • Minister of Lists - Province of Malagentia (2010 - Present)
  • Journeyman Gunner & Gun Crew Captain - Guild of St Barbara (Pennsic 2004 - Present)

Event Staff

  • Gate Coordinator - Great Northeastern War XV (2001)
  • Assistant A&S Coordinator - Great Northeastern War XVI (2002)
  • Gate Staff - Spring's Inspirations II (2003)
  • A&S Coordinator - Great Northeastern War XVIII (2004)
  • Information Point Coordinator - Great Northeastern War XIX (2005)
  • Back-up Deputy Autocrat - Great Northeastern War (2006)
  • Royalty Liason - Great Northeastern War XXIII (2009)
  • Deputy Merchant Coordinator (2013)

Projects & Publications

Mylisant's Project Page

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