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Mhari at Hunters Moon 2010
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Awards & Offices



A member of both Vestfell Farmstead and the household of Ragnesfolke. Apprenticed to Master Grim the Skald


Mhari is a poor 10th Century Irish woman. She has dreams of being a storyteller and is currently passable with the fiber arts. She dabbles in calligraphy on occasion.

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

Projects & Publications

Poem the first:

Eastern skald stood by Northern Star.
Bestowed wordgift of wonderous tone.
Trillium Queen wept tears of joy.
Gesture greeted with joyful cries
called to skald "Vivat!" - vivid praise.
Poet spoke not proud, passion burned,
brought honor bright to Eastern Star.

More Information

MKA Miranda DiStefano, a college student with a love of story telling and an almost unhealthy obsession with fiber related crafts. She's portraying a poor Irish woman from the firm belief that her persona should not be richer than she in mundanely.

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