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Lord Martyn de Halliwell
Resides:Canton of Black Icorndall in the Barony of Bhakail
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Per pale argent and azure, a hedgehog statant between three crosses cletchy fitchy counterchanged.
Awards & Offices




Lord Martyn de Halliwell first got involved in the SCA in late 2006 after being approached by several SCA members while selling hats he made at a local Renaissance Faire. He currently resides in the Canton of Black Icorndall in the Barony of Bhakail.

Originally intending to study period music & heavy fighting, Martyn found himself drawn to working as event staff and assisting others in their endeavors. Presently, he tries to spend time evenly between volunteering, archery, & music. His plans for the future include: more achery, more music, more volunteering and heavy fighting.


  • Lord Martyn de Haliwell was born into a minor Breton noble family in Richmond, North Yorkshire, England in the 14th century. During his youth he traveled extensively with both of his grandfathers (one a well-known diplomat, the other a successful military captain), having long stays in London, Paris, Rome, Constantinople and Cologne. After the kidnapping of his parents, he immediately returned home from his studies abroad. He now resides in and administers his parents estates in both Richmond and Brittany, frequently travelling between the two. He holds some small estates in Avignon, but has yet to travel to them, relying on the chatelaines there to manage them. Finally having his institutional education years behind him, and his parents estates under proper management, he plans to become a more active member of the court.

  • However sometimes- Martyn Halliwell is currently of unknown origins and can be found perusing the libraries, churches and associating with the musicians of the Court of King Henry VIII.

(More to come)

Offices & Positions


  • Chronicler, Barony of Bhakail, 04/2007 until 01/2009
  • Deputy Herald, Barony of Bhakail, 1/2010 to 11/2010
  • Deputy Seneschal, Canton of Black Icorndall, 04/2012 to 08/2012
  • Acting Seneschal, Canton of Black Icorndall, 09/2012


  • Chronicler, Barony of Bhakail, 10/2011 to Present
  • Herald, Canton of Black Icorndall 11/2012 to Present
  • Deputy Seneschal, Barony of Bhakail, 09/2012 to Present


  • Award of Arms - TRM Andreas III & Gabriella I (09/29/2007)
  • Companion of the Order of the Troubadours - TRM Edward II & Thyra I (01/05/2013)
  • Companion of the Master of the Horse - Barony of Bhakail - Darmon & Sabine (08/05/2008)
  • Flame of Bhakail - Barony of Bhakail - Darmon & Sabine (12/03/2011)
  • Golden Chime of Carillion - Barony of Carillion - Kis Maria (09/15/2012)

Event Staff


  • Gate Steward, Coronation of Andreas III & Gabriella, 09/29/2007
  • Deputy Autocrat, Bhakail Yule, 12/15/2007
  • Department Head of Disability Services, Pennsic XXXVII, Jul/Aug 2008
  • Autocrat, Bhakail Champions & Fall Commons, 10/04/2008
  • Department Head of Disability Services, Pennsic XXXVIII, Jul/Aug 2009
  • Drop-Dead Deputy Mayor of Event Resources, Pennsic XXXIX, Jul/Aug 2010
  • Entertainment Coordinator, Runnymede Dinner, Pennsic XL, Jul/Aug 2011
  • Department Head of Youth Point, Pennsic XLI, Jul/Aug 2012
  • Co-Autocrat, EKU Collegium 2012, 08/25/2012
  • Autocrat, A Springtime Court of Love, 4/14/2013


  • Deputy Autocrat, Bhakail Baronial Investiture, 06/29/2013
  • Department Head of Youth Point, Pennsic XLII, Jul/Aug 2013
  • Autocrat, Bhakail Champions & Commons, 8/18/2013
  • Stage Manager, El Cid the Event, 11/9/2013

Projects & Publications


  • Queen's Favors for Brenwen I - 07/2008
  • Stage Manager for Masquerade Medieval - A Lion in Winter - 08/2009
  • Costumes for Known World Players - A Man For All Seasons - 08/2010
  • Assorted work for Known World Players - Henry V - 08/2011
  • Bailiff #1, Music & Sound Effects for Known World Players - Anne of the Thousand Days - 08/2012
  • Bhakail Baronial Painted-Silk Banners - 08/2012
  • "Renewals & Open Office Positions" - The Salamander - 09/2012
  • Chanted Roll of Kings - Coronation of Edward & Thyra - 10/2012
  • "A Discussion of Baronial Pollings" - The Salamander - 10/2012
  • "Lesser Known Awards of the East Kingdom - Order of the Gawain & The Silver Rapier" - The Salamander - 11/2012
  • "What is the Bhakail Seneschal's Committee?" - The Salamander - 02/2013
  • Bold Lord Robert of Lochleven - King's & Queen's Bardic Champions - 02/2013

Forthcoming & On-going

  • Canton of Black Icorndall A&S Workshops - 06/2012 to Present
  • Stage Manager - El Cid - 11/2013
  • Southern Region Army Painted-Silk War Standards - [in progress]
  • "A History of Bhakail Events - Revised" [in progress]

Other Work

  • Pennsylvania/Delaware Editor, East Kingdom Gazette (unofficial news source)- 10/2012 to Present

More Information (coming soon)

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