Marguerite Ingen Lachlainn

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Deputy Head Lady in Waiting for Gryfith & Aikaterine
Deputy Head Lady in Waiting for Gryfith & Aikaterine
Purveyor of Fine Schtick Everywhere
== Miscellany ==

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Meggie inghean Lachlainn Photo by Ghengiz John
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Queen's Order of Courtesy AOA, Queen's Cypher
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Lady Meggie has been a member of the East Kingdom since 1998(ish). She is of the household Lochleven and is a member of the Queen's Order of Courtesy.



Meggie is the Eldest child of Lochlann, the Eldest Son of the Great Lachlain of Lochleven. She has a younger brother Lachlann Mac Lochlann Mec Lachlain and a half brother, Eoghan, called the Bastard. Her cousins include Sir Colin Mac Eoin, Emy, Eoin and other people who may not even know they are related yet. The Mec Lachlains are a family of border reivers living and raiding in the Scottish Lowlands. Meggie is skilled with her needle, sewing clothes for her family and the other Villagers in Lochleven. She is an accomplished story teller, poet, drinking buddy, wild mushroomer and cunning diplomat. Meggie is married to Robert Earlson, who is, sadly, English.

She is the Mouthpiece of Lochleven, which means it is her job to get the Village both into and out of whatever trouble they cause.

Sometimes people claim to see Meggie dressed scandalously, dancing & playing music with Bad Raqson’e Sahra, but when pressed in public, she will deny all knowledge.

Alternate Persona: Megha

Chatricam Meghanta (or Megha) was born in Orissa, the former Kingdom of Kalinga, in 1530. A member of the Kondh tribe, her father became a successful pearl merchant and travelled far and wide in the course of his business. Megha got her start by bringing her father's wares into the harems of the Great King Akbar, selling the finest of pearls to his wives and daughters. This is how her father met and arranged for her to be married Ghengiz John, a member of Akbar's Court. It's now about 1570. Sulaiman Khan Karrani and his son Bayazid Khan Karrani have conquered Orissa for Akbar. Megha and Ghengiz have determined it's no longer wise to be living in Orissa and have taken the pearl business on the road.

Megha composes and performs bhakti poetry, makes jewlery, and encourages the women of Lochleven to dress scandalously.


Deputy Head Lady in Waiting for Gryfith & Aikaterine Purveyor of Fine Schtick Everywhere

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