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Province of Malagentia

Purpure, a moon in her complement within a laurel wreath argent
Founded:December 1981
Location:Southern Maine




Meaning: "The Land of the Bad People". According to Maine Public Broadcasting's timeline of Maine history, in 1524, Giovanni da Verrazzano explored the coast of Maine and wrote of his travels to his sponsor, the King of France. While he encountered very friendly natives near Rhode Island, Maine's natives were less welcoming. They greeted Verrazzano's men from the height of a cliff, and refused to approach the shore. They would only trade by lowering items on a rope. When they were finished trading, Verrazzano writes that they "showed their buttocks and laughed immoderately--" in other words, they mooned the Europeans. For this, Maine earned the title terra onde la mala gente, or "the land of the bad people." Thus, both the name Malagentia and the heraldry of "a moon in her complement" are a reference to this piece of history.

Established: December 1981

Blazon: Purpure, a moon in her complement within a laurel wreath argent

Heraldic officer's title:

Awards: None

Newsletter: The Moonstone

Fighting Unit(s):

Territories of Malagentia

  • None

Former Territories of Malagentia

  • None?

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