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{{Households|photo=[[Image:Arms_adhemar.gif]]|photocaption=|founded=A. S. XXV(ish)|status=Active |device= [[Image:]]|devicecaption=}}
{{Households|photo=[[Image:Arms_adhemar.gif]]|photocaption=|founded=A. S. XXV(ish)|status=Active |device= [[Image:]]|devicecaption=}}

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Founded:A. S. XXV(ish)



We are a small group dedicated to recreating the culture, customs and crafts of a circa 1405 through the structure of a French nobleman's household. For the most part we're middle class nobility and down, not grand seigneurs, and ruling princes. The Baron de Sainte Claire, while of a respectable lineage, well enough connected and well enough off, just isn't in that class.

Consequently, those who serve in his household will be of similarly modest stature, though that still leaves a lot of scope for persona and other interests. From minor nobility through any almost any sort of tradesman or crafter, priest or clerk, down to huntsmen and farmers, all of these have a place within the household.



Baron Adhemar de Villarquemada

Baron Jonathan Carver

Baroness Ysabella de Draguignan

Baron Rowen Cloteworthy

Baroness Marguerite de Sainte Nazaire

Lord Geffroi le Crieur

Lady Ame Chambrier

Lord Tristan de Warrell

Lady Rosette de Rhiems

Lord Jame Aguillier

Jean Ampoullier

Guillaume le Long

Nicholas Poissonnier

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Maison Sainte Claire

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