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* [[User:Wolffauer|Michel Wolffauer]] - ([ contact])
* [[User:Wolffauer|Michel Wolffauer]] - ([ contact])
* [[User:Maeleoin|Mael Eoin mac Echuid]] - ([ contact])
* [[User:Maeleoin|Mael Eoin mac Echuid]] - ([ contact])
* [[User:mlecin|Jessa d'Avondale]]

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Welcome to the East Kingdom Wiki!

The East Kingdom Wiki is a place to collect information about the history of the East Kingdom, its awards, customs and people.


How can I help?

You can start by request an account, then check out the rules and see what you can help with.

How can I get my own page?

You can request an account and we will create a blank page for you to fill in, or you can email Michel and he will help you put together a page (you do not need your own account, nor know how to edit wiki pages for this option).

EK Wiki Hints & Notes

  • If you run into a problem with something on the wiki, please contact Michel Wolffauer (contact).
  • Do not create or edit the populace page of anyone without their permission.

Thank you!

Wiki Support Team

The East Kingdom Wiki Support Team is hear to answer your questions about Wiki's in general, this Wiki, or to help you with creating pages. The following people have generously donated their time and agreed to be part of the team.

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